Restringing a Jennings UniForce XLR


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    Restringing a Jennings UniForce XLR

    I'm looking to have my Jennings UniForce XLR restrung and given general maintainance. Does anyone know if Escalade Sports will do this since they now own Jennings? I emailed Escalade and have yet to receive a reply from them. Or should I have someone else do it?


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    Hey Dave just find a reputable local shop and have them do it. I wouldn't waste my time trying to get it to the manufacture either. They'll probably tell you to go to a shop. Hope that helps
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    Although I don't know if I buy the whole 'crackerized' thing, it would be cool to get this 'ol girl to a competent bow technician. I'd say Crackers could teach it a new song and dance. Since you have to get her re-strung and a little TLC, you may as well let him do it. Do a search on Crackerized here and tell me its not worth a shot.
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