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    PSE Fireflite

    I am new to the world of archery. I just bought my first bow and plan to practice, practice practice and then hunt next season! My first question is did I do well in choosing a bow? (PSE FireFlite) My second question is if you all could give me one piece of advise to increase my chances of a succesful first year out what would it be?? Thanks All!!!!
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    It depends on which Fire Flite you purchased. All were good bows in there time. I also believe that PSE makes a Fire Flite version for cabelas called the Fireflite 33. Any of these bows are a good choice to start with and then upgrtade in a few years. The last two Fire Flite versions I believe were equiped with the lightning single cam. It is by no means the smoothest cam in the world but it delivers good speed and is not tempermental.

    Post some pics and we can tell you more.


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    I would recommend you watch 'The Wild Outdoors' this Sunday 12 noon eastern time... Jay give some good insight into hunting accuracy on his Tip of the Week segment and this was not a paid advertisement.
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    As i matter of fact you are right on target!! It is the PSE FireFlite 33 from cabelas!

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    Fire Flite 33

    Hey thee man I bought the same bow from Cabelas last year. My previous bow was a mid 80's model Pearson, so anything at that time was an improvement. I love my bow. I am shooting 270fps- 280fps @ 31 in draw, and Carbon Express CX 300's and an 85 gr point. It has pretty good hand shock, but you get used to it. I use my bow to shoot indoor spot tourneys and have shot 285 twice with 24 X's and 277 just yesterday. Not bad considering I have only shot 2 tournaments. Anyways just remember to keep your hand holding the bow relaxed and opened. Don't white knuckle the grip and remember to breath. You will do just fine. It is a good bow to begin with and hunt with.

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    keep haven fun with it. i don't think im ever successfull if im not have fun.

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