weird question for Texans!


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    weird question for Texans!

    Ok guys, this might not pertain to bowhuntin but we're at a down time. What would it take to get some Texas Holey Rock sent up to me??? My cousin and I want some for our cichlid tanks. We could buy it at the pet shops but the prices are insane, was wondering how much I could get sent to me and how much the shipping would be? Or if anyone would take the time to send me a box, i'll pay the shipping. Let me know guys!

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    I'm goin to TX bowfishing in May...If you can wait that long I can bring some back to Ohio...Long as I can find some..

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    I'd love to help you out but that is waaaayyy out of my area of expertise. I wouldn't even know where to get it.

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    What The Heck Is It Shanker?

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    Here you go and they have free shipping.

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    thanks guys....and when you go down from Ohio grab some we can always use some let me know! Thanks for all the help guys...

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    I have a friend who has a rock quarry, and his wife sell the stuff all over the place...PM me and I'll give you her number...I know she ships it all over, and has alot of it.

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