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    I don't think the dove knows it is less important than the eagle A dead bird is a dead bird. A dead gamecock is a dead gamecock. So we can bet on chickens to fight to the death but we can't shoot an eagle. Just kidding folks...I figured that would rile you up.

    It is wrong to harvest any endangered animal...period. The kids screwed up though. We all have. If this is the only wrong those kids do in their lives then by god they have did less than I have did. Now does everyone want to air their dirty laundry on here and let all of us judge which is the worst???? Probably not. Odds are 50% of you have cheated on a loved that worse than shooting an eagle...odds are a ton of you have driven drunk, tried drugs and drove, etc. You get my each of these cases things could have went really really bad. Maybe you got caught and maybe you didn't. Point is we all screw up. It's what we do after we screw up that tells the character in your heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tclow View Post
    The problem with that is the goverment has taken over how you can discipline your kids.That sucks but they will be the first to tell you that you are a bad parent.Shoot look at this whole thing going on in California right now where the woman is trying to get it passed that you can't smank your kids at all when they are under 4yrs old.That is crazy.I don't think you should smank maybe a 1yr old but 4yrs old.Wow.I bet she is the first to complain when someone's kids get out of control in public.Just my .02

    Hey, she's also single and has no kids. The biggest problem with her bill is it would also outlaw that light swat on the diaper to get the attention of a child that's endangering themselves. You know, the swat that the child can't actually feel through all the padding.
    The Prosecutors around here aren't in favor of it, but do say that it will be useful in cases of actual abuse. Where they had to go through a lengthy process before to prove it, this bill would make it easier.
    I've seen families with multiple children where all kids but one were very well behaved, but one of the kids was always in trouble. It's not always the parents and the way kids were raised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleyellow View Post
    The kids screwed up though. We all have.
    This was an intentional act they committed, not something gone bad with bad consequences. There is a big difference. There intent was clear: kill a Bald Eagle. They knew it was illegal, yet did it anyway. Heck, they thought it was so great they took the trophy to school to brag about it. They are thus only sorry they got caught, and based on the slap on the wrist, probably not that sorry. Actions should have consequences, and this was a deliberate act that deserved much more than what they got. The bleeding heart left wants to excuse everything, but in the case of deliberate criminal intent, purely for the thrill of it like these two did, they deserve much worse. It is sickening what they did, but moreso what the judge did in explicitly endorsing it with such a light penalty.

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    Next thing you know, some enterprising idiot will create a video game where killing bald eagles will be the object of the game, and sales will go through the roof, because the majority of people are MORONS. Look at all the other mindless crap that people embrace disguised as entertainment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drivin Nails View Post
    A 17 year old should know better. That type of thing would be done at 18 or 21. It was not an age thing by that point. He got off easy in my opinion. If you mess up and break the law then pay the price. Kids need to learn this before the one year he has until he is considered an adult. His fine should have been larger and if he couldn't pay it, well then I guess the parents should be responsible also. IMO a small slap on the hand just leads to another until you have to be responsable for your actions. Why make excuses for these things. Wrong is wrong. Simple to me and my kids know it because I tell them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WATERFOWLER View Post
    Wonder if eagle tastes like chicken?
    No! It tasts like owl!

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    And if you drink and drive your intent is what? To test probability?

    I guess you have never ever been bad have you Gamecock?????

    Read the story....

    I would bet those kids never do anything like that again....and that's the true goal of the judicial system, least in my eyes it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley View Post
    Just read in the paper 16 and 17 year old boys jacked a bald Eagle with a pellet gun and then cut a talon off to show around school. Kid that pulled the trigger got $1182.00 fine, surrendered his pellet gun, and the other kid got $182.00 fine. The eagle’s remains were sent to a Native American Tribe for ceremonial disposal. Sounds like it could have been much worse for the kids, they could have hung them out to dry on that one. My guess is the DNR learned a little from the kids they toasted for killing a trumpeter swan and ended up losing one of the kids to suicide.

    Just ashame they were not adults.... I still think the fines should have been worse for them.
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