Nock right, left, arrow spine, target material


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    Question Nock right, left, arrow spine, target material

    I keep seeing posts about "my arrows shoot nock left" or "nock right". Does this mean the arrows are stuck in the target with the nock left (or right) of the arrow point? Or do they mean that the arrows are grouping to the left or right of where they're being aimed?

    I'm asking this because I've also read that many target materials will 'bias' how an arrow sticks in the target, and give the archer false information.

    Can someone please explain this stuff more clearly?

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    Yes usually when someone says it's hitting nock right or left they talking about right or left of the point, like the arrow is tilted. And yes the target medium can bias the arrows. A plain old piece of non-layered foam works well.
    It's been suggested to have it at shoulder height to get an honest read, sounds like good advice to me.

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    nock right/left

    Red44 has it nailed. I perfer shooting throught paper to get to the truth more quickly.
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