Serving end loop??


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    Serving end loop??

    My sister just dropped off her new Switchback fresh from the pro shop, she wanted me to set it up. The end loop serving is broke on the bottom of the string. I called the shop, they said go ahead and try and fix it and they would just give her a new string the next time she was in town. I've done my own center servings forever, but I've never served an end loop. I don't have a string jig, is there any way I can do this w/out keeping the string taught? If so, what size serving? Anything else I need to know about this? I've got a press and a variety of serving sizes, just haven't ever served an end loop. Thanks for your time.

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    Is it the end loop that needs serving or the body of the string just before the loop.

    It it is the loop itself, you don't need to serve it. I prefer served, but it is not necessary. In fact some bows come without loop serving.

    If it is the section of the string adjacent to the loop, you do need to serve it since this will prevent wear at the cam.

    It is usually necessary to take the string off of the bow. However you don't need an elaborate string jig just to serve the string. Just stretch the string between any two points that will allow you to keep it tight. Two hooks on a board will work. More tension is better up to 100 #'s or so, but since this is a temporary fix, you just need to make it tight enough to keep the serving tight.

    Check out this link & go to post # 24 for photos of James Park's string jig:

    He is very particular about his equipment so even though it looks a little rough, it works well, probably better than the expensive commercially made jigs. It will give you an idea of how little you need to serve a string.

    Use BCY 3D serving. It is smaller diameter for end servings.

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    Interesting, thank you.

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    what knot do you use to start and fininsh the serving with?

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    Crow , I use the exact same one that you start and end for center serving. It is the only knot I use on the whole string

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