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    1st Cross Bow

    Hi guys n gals, I am looking at purchasing my first cross bow after 2 bback surgerys. Im looking at Pse Fang, PSE Dream Season RDX 360, Barnet Droptine, Barnet Raptor FX2.
    I am partial to PSe for that is what i shoot in compound. So tell me what your thoughts are and what you think is best buy? Thanks
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    I'd vote for the PSE 365 based on performance, the RDX design and because it's a PSE vs Barnett. It's the most expensive option you've listed at around $700 and I'll pass on my thoughts on xbows in that price point. There are several compound style xbows in that range that offer better performance and additional features. One that I've come to be fond of is the Killer Instinct 370 and at $500, this is a better performing xbow, has a better trigger and it has tactical features the 365 doesn't, like the adjustable stock and forearm.

    The Field Archer does a nice review of it here:


    I'd also suggest getting your short list of xbow considerations in hand so you know how they "feel". Often the right xbow for you will find you

    Good luck with your decision.

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    If you could bump the cost up a couple dollars and if you watch Crossbow Classifieds I think you would love a Horton Storm!

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    PSE 365 is not a Reverse Draw bow. I don't know why they call it RDX. Marketing I guess. I would really like the Storm. I have one. It's great. However I would wait for the ATA show next week. Going to be some new designs released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Regohio View Post
    If you could bump the cost up a couple dollars and if you watch Crossbow Classifieds I think you would love a Horton Storm!
    There's a good deal in the classifieds now.
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