Iowa, Nebraska, S. Dakota or Kansas hunts


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    Iowa, Nebraska, S. Dakota or Kansas hunts

    Anyone seeking a 10 day exclusive BOW hunt opportunity on several farms I have available in Iowa, Nebraska S. Dakota or Kansas please contact me. These are self guided do it your self hunts!

    To many to list here. Please serious inquiries only for an individual state. Iowa, don't bother unless you have at least 2 preference Pt.s You could draw with 1 preference Pt but odds unlikely.

    Kansas is also a draw state, however you could purchase Zone specific landowner tags. These tags are not cheap, so, only the serious minded bow hunter only please.

    Nebraska is over the counter license.

    Once Money is paid on the farm you choose, you soley are responsible to obtain the necessary archery tags from that state and /or from the specific Zone farm is in.

    I will need references to check character. As these parcels are exclusive & I will not have any liars, head game players or selfish individuals on these leases. If you are not willing to do so, or can not supply these things do not waste my time or yours. Sorry.

    Depending on size of farm or how many people per individual farm lease, the cost may range from $800.00 to $3,000 per man The $3,000 would be for a larger parcel of 400 -800 ac, one hunter alone for the entire season, or a smaller parcel of 150 -250 ac for one individual alone. 4-6 hunters Max, depending on farm size. But the smaller parcels of under 300 ac, no more than 2 hunter per any given week. Still 4 hunters max. So, as not to presure deer. Preferably 130" buck size minimum. Would rather you hold for a 140", as these farms have not been outfitted, and are exclusive crop farms and hold a lot of deer.

    Price will INCLUDE $1 Million in liability insurance for farmer/landowner.

    Aerials available.

    Ten days offered as it would give you time to scout & hang stands.

    At my discretion I will choose if I want to come into an arrangement with you based on phone conversations, character references (IE employment check, hunting violation check, industry check, prior hunts ect). Land will or can be posted. It will be patrolled and leasee's checked on intermittantly during your stay to insure trust and confidence issues.

    Again, serious minded only! There will be a lot of responses here, and I don't have time for anyone not willing to agree to any or all of the terms above. Sorry if this post may sound somewhat negative, but this is a special deal and special arrangement being made with my head on the block. So, my rules.

    There is a strong likelyhood that a second year annual arrangement at a much cheaper annual lease price if all goes well.


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    nebraska hunt

    exactly where in nebraska do you have the lease? went there this past hunting season and loved it.

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    left pm

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    pm sent.

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