Bowtech tomcat help please


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    Bowtech tomcat help please

    My neighbor bought a tomcat a couple of months back brought it over
    to me to help with paper tuning it's a 60/70 set on 63# 28" draw with axis 400
    cut too 28". The problem is in order to get a bullet hole we had to mill out the
    side of the rip cord rest in order to move for enough to the left to prevent the
    right tear! Even at that if he is not careful with his grip he still gets a slight right
    tare. It's moved out 1 7/16" which i think is waaay too much. We have tried several
    different splined arrows still close to the same. I tried shooting it with the same
    results. Reading the rip cord directions states their might be a problem with a
    bowtech. Dose anybody out there know what to do with it. Oh yea all tuning
    is right on.

    Thanks for any help, Gene

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    1-7/16" is not unusual at all for a Bowtech from 2005 or even a 2006 Tomkat.
    In 06 all of Bowtech's line-up except the Tomkat got offset limb pockets to bring the centershot closer to the riser.
    Rytera Bullet-X (Nitrous-X).
    Goldtip Xt Hunter/NAP Spitfire 125.

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    Thanks for your info copterdoc.

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    I had similar problems with my '06 Tomkat. Except I'm a lefty and had a left tear. If you call Bowtech they'll tell you to set center shot @ about 15/16" or 1" and they're right. My problem was hand torque. This bow seems to be highly sensitive to hand position.

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