3d Courses, Again


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    3d Courses, Again

    Now I see why there were no responses to my last thread. No text. I can not edit, delete, or reply to it either. Stupid forum bugs.....lol

    At any rate, lets try this again.

    My wife and I want to travel this summer, and hit as many different 3d ranges as we can in Michigan. More of the local/ fun shoot variety. We are just getting back in to shooting after a 10 tear break. Is there a good place to look for different shoots, or what clubs am I missing where I can look? We are in the Lansing/ Flint area with Laingsburg being our "home" club. Even they have not released their schedule yet, but I know there are 4 dates.

    I have Land o Lakes, Thorny Acres, Flint Bowman, Detroit Archers, Tuscola, Western Wayne County, Royal Oak, and Mid Michee.

    Any other ideas? Thanks.

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    Congratulations on getting back into archery! I did so myself after a 10 year break, just two years ago. I was on the same mission as you.
    On Target Archery Stanwood, MI
    Here is a list of ASA Clubs in Michigan. Most of them have 3-D Courses, and will provide you with their yearly schedule of events. They may even be able to connect you with other local courses in their area.
    I hope this is helpful to you!

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    Very helpful, thank you.

    I found 3dshoots.com, but I am curious to see how many clubs actually post their shoots on sites like that.

    Thanks again!

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    you could try capital area sportsmen league, on the west side of lansing

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    Got a Saginaw Valley Shoot there this coming weekend. I just have not looked at their 3d schedule yet.

    I will say though, I think I have 4 to 8 3d shoots every weekend on my calendar for this summer to choose from, all within 2 hours of my house. I am really looking forward to the Land O Lakes 100, and the R100 at Saginaw Field and Stream. Everything else for us will probly be local club shoots. The wife has the Land O Lakes Zombie shoot circled on her calendar. We also decided that we are gonna take a weekend and head east somewhere for a couple days of shooting. We were hoping to go someplace in WV, but may end up in PA. We just wanna shoot somewhere in the Mountains, but I really have not taken the time to look yet.

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    Bridgeport sportsman used to have a pretty good set and you really can't beat tuscola county archers fun courses as they actually have some challenging shots. Others you have listed are nice clubs its just their fun shoots are definitely geared more toward beginners, especially flint it is a super super super super easy set.

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    Ever look up the total archery challenge? Thats in michigan.

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    thanks again. More dates for the calendar. The G5 dates have my interest, and I am sure we will shoot at least one of them. Being new to the game, I want to make sure and keep it fun, and make sure the shoot is rangefinder friendly. I am sure I will want to compete a bit this summer, but not every weekend. Gotta be a little more careful with the wife. 35 pound bows are a little more sensitive to the yardage game, and she has zero experience judging distance. But, she is shooting VERY well in our 3d league (10 to 25 yards).

    I am gonna have to look at my calendar and see if there is a way to make it public. Seems kind of a waste to put all this time in to it, and only I get to use it, lol.

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    Country Woods in St Johns is a nice course. Are you shooting winter leagues at thorny acres? My son and I shoot there on Mondays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadaddy View Post
    Country Woods in St Johns is a nice course. Are you shooting winter leagues at thorny acres? My son and I shoot there on Mondays.
    Not sure if I should admit to that or not.....LMAO. The way I shot last week, um, no. We do not shoot Thorny Acres on mondays :-p

    Amazing, I was flirting with a 300 NFAA round on Sunday with the same bow set-up I had at Thorny on Monday. Felt like I could not hit the broad side of a barn on Monday. Horrible.

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    Try Oakland County Sportsmens Club in Independence Twp. They have several different courses they set up for outdoor and have indoor 3D also. If you have a camper they have a campground also a bar across the street from the archery ranges and good food.
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