Cam Questions on a PSE Fire-Flite 33


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    Cam Questions on a PSE Fire-Flite 33

    I would like to know what kind of cam this is for sure(from the Manual, I guess NRG Plus, I am not quiet sure how that relates to Centerfire cam). Also, I would like to know what the:
    "A" "B" AND "C" mean
    "8" "7" "6" "5" mean
    "1" "2" "3"

    The number one the cam is 8279R, anyone know waht that is. Here are the pics, it is on a PSE Fire-Flite 33 67# 27" draw at 65% let off.

    pics of the bow are in the thread "Venting on PSE"

    I don't feel like driving out to Cabela's to ask.
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    a b c are post locations and you will want them to be the same on both shortens or lengthens draw length slightly (1/2" i think).....the numbers on the module are for draw length changes in 1" increments...

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    Lightening One Cam

    That is your cam.......all pegs that move toward the inside of the cam shorten.....outside lengthen. Sliding mod goes longer as you move it away from the center of the cam and vice versa.
    Remember the rule.....if it looks like the string is being "shortened" so is the draw length. You can just move one peg also, you just need to reset the nock point if you do.
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    That is a Centerfire Cam

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    what does it say on the cam above your thumb in the bottom pic? It is a lightning cam either the 2 or 3. I think 3 but it should say LMR2 or 3 on it.

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    A B C and 1 2 3 are drawlength posts. Contrary to what was posted earlier they do not have to match (they were designed to be changed one at a time if you wish to do so) but when you are set on 2 and B the drawlength should be right on for that module. This is where you want all your specs set at along with the poundage maxed out as well. Remember that when you change the posts on the cam the tune will go out so a retune will be necessary.

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