Paraplegic Archer intoduction

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    Paraplegic Archer intoduction

    Just introducing myself and this seemed the appropriate category.

    I'm Ron. A 44yr old Para archer from Alberta, Canada. I was in a motorcycle accident 20 years ago and broke my back. 4 years ago my step daughter wanted a bow so we went and got one for her. I since then have figured out how to support myself with a belt around me and one to the back of my chair so I don't fall over, I have no torso muscles. I am now a shooter for 3 years. I really enjoy archery, great workout and good for the mind to. I hunted only once last year but am hoping to do a lot more this year with a new hunting bow.

    I enjoy archery and the people around the sport so much I have created the Arrowpad target face and opened a company around it. It is a rubber backed mat with a polyester fabric front. They are excellent at healing and can last for 100's of arrows. I sublimate them in all sorts of different targets, animals and games. This process also makes an Arrowpad very weather resistant, I leave mine out year round. Also selling Grizz Targets and Big Shot 3D targets. Google Arrowpad to see more.
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    Keep shooting!! I commend you sir for showing interest in archery after such an accident, my uncle is a paraplegic after a car wreck 25 years ago, I built him a deer stand 20 ft off the ground he can ride a 4-wheeler up in, it has a ramp 60-70 ft long built out of sawmill 2x6's and treated 6x6's with a roof, he's smoked some monster bucks from that stand over the years with a rifle, he doesn't have the strength to draw a bow back but were gonna try a new crossbow next season. I'll try and take some pics of the stand some time and post em on here, its pretty neat.

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