Small John Deere tractor for food plots?


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    Small John Deere tractor for food plots?

    Would this tractor work for small food plots? I'm in a situation of going halves with my parents on a new lawn mower. It has to be new, has to be John Deere, and has to be able to mow lawn for them to chip in.

    Please share opinions, or recommend me something else from Deere. I actually would be ok if I could find a mower bigger then 62", but not bigger then 72".


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    Very nice! People work food plots with a lot less. I had a Kubota with about the same hp and it was taxed pulling a four gang disc. I'm running 38 hp now and couldn't ask for more....don't need more. Here's the thing, though, nobody ever got in the field and said, "Gee I wish I had less horsepower!"

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    You need to define "Small"?

    Would I want to do a 2acre plot with that... probably not, could it, sure... If your talking about a small "kill plot" absolutely.

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