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    Moved over to Trad Archery

    Greetings Fellow Archers

    Recently I was challenged by one of my son's to try trad archery. I started with some research, watched some videos and bought my first recurve bow. And I'll share a bit of what I found out about switching to trad archery.

    There are some differences between trad archery and compound bow... In trad archery one has the long bow or the re-curve. Most trad bows fit into these two categories - but they may be another type out there that I do not know about.

    The important factors are: Beginners Bow limb weight, Anchor point, and the Release.

    We also have the length of the bow, string type & Brace Height, and finding the correct arrow spine, and FOC for the arrow.

    One might think that one could shoot a heavier poundage when starting out but this is a real mistake. And learning the techniques of shooting a trad bow is interesting and has it's own challenges and rewards.

    I'm past the most challenging parts that relate to developing the techniques that are required to shoot a trad bow effectively. And will work towards heavier limbs to hunt in the fall of 2017.

    It's been a fun change and I'm looking forward to things to come in the near future.

    How about you's out there...? Has anyone started to shoot a Trad bow...?
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    I know my dad shoots a compound at 65 pounds right handed and shoots a Bear recurve left handed at around 45-50 pounds haha not sure about what else his setup includes though
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    I have a Kabekona River Handcrafted hunting Longbow I got used. It's made by Tim Finley of Kota Bows.

    Also got a great deal on a used Jackson Recurve, which is most likely a Check Mate King's Pawn.

    When I bought them I truly didn't know what I was doing... even less than I know now. I shot them and hit the circle and so I bought them.

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    Kinda enjoy shooting mine once or twice a year when my buddies pull theirs out. LOL

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    I started on a FITA/Olympic rig back in the UK, went onto the wheels (targets) and dabbled in "traditional", moved into field/3D still on the wheels and playing with one stringers until I found myself getting more and more obsessed with that and the wheelie bows became redundant but I kept them right up until I really gave up enjoying shooting them.
    Now i live here in BC, I have also been fortunate enough to have taken some deer with a longbow too.

    Now I'm 100% a "traditional" archer having spent most of the time on longbows but switched back to recurve lately to "up my game" so to speak.

    I am also highly competitive now and really enjoy that aspect of it, both doing well in tournaments and the socialising/community aspect of it.
    But it does take commitment to do well and get the best out of it. You can do OK and get pretty good with some practice but if you want to do well then it needs work.

    My mantra in my one string game is to keep things as simple as is possible, I think I have found out what works for me, what makes a difference and what is BS (and the internet is full of that!)
    Currently shooting Dryads in ILF but I have a WA3D legal rig (again, by Dryad) incoming but I have a couple of other sweet bows but I tend to commit to one at a time, arrows and peripheries too to keep my consistencies. I keep around 40#@28" (I draw 29.5) for 3D but I have heavier limbs coming with my new bow for hunting to keep some of my consistencies for hunting too so if I can take my 3D form into the woods then I am ready!

    I get my bow tuned and don't concern myself with anything gear related after that.

    Nice and simple = confidence to me
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