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Thread: easiest way to add 8 grains of tip weight?

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    easiest way to add 8 grains of tip weight?

    I weighed my arrows, and they are 8 grains short of the 6 grains per pound hunting limit for my state. Is there a quick and easy way to add 8 grains to the tip area of my arrow, since I would like to make my FOC a little higher anyway? What would you guys use?

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    Screw a 10 grain Gold Tip weight in the back of the insert....

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    You can also pull your nock out of the arrow and put hot melt down the shaft from the nock end and tamp it down to the bottom of the shaft. I do this with my target arrows when I scale them to be all the same and load up the points to get to a certain FOC. If I need very much weight I get some of the crimp on lead weights and drop them down the shaft and then I add about 2 grains worth of hotmelt on top of the lead and tamp it down and this holds the lead in solid.

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    wow, I can't believe a state has that requirement! any other states? That doesn't really make sense to me. I could see MAYBE a K/E minimum. Can't imagine what game in washington couldn't be dispatched with a 70 pound bow and a 400 grain arrow!...sorry, didn't mean to get off course here, just struck me as odd. To answer your q, what JAVI said
    ps-according to your sig, your only off 1 grain....

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    Check out the broadhead adapter rings i'm not sure what they weigh but I'll bet that would get you real close.
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    they're only 1 grain, maybe 2

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    they also make weighted tubes to instal in cacbon shafts

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    duct tape baby,ha,ha, i would also use gold tip wieghts.

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    Add a luma-nock...they are about 10 gr. heavier. I think your closer on your wt. than that. what length arrow are you shooting?

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    what's your spine like?

    adding weight to the tip might not be good if you are right on the weak side of things.

    Saran Wrap, weigh 8 grains of it, and cram it into the shaft from the nock end, push it to the front, it stays put.

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