Pure unadulterated essential oils and essential oil infused products


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    Pure unadulterated essential oils and essential oil infused products

    Over the last 8 years I have changed my lifestyle to remove 90% + - of the everyday chemicals we expose our bodies to. Things both in our medicine cabinets and under our sinks and in our shops, or even our hunting packs and arsenal are filled with toxic chemical laden things that filter through our skin, eyes and mouth into our kidneys, liver and blood.

    Sounds long winded doesn't it!?

    But it's true!

    Trust me never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would be where I am today as in the change to natural alternatives. We are programmed from a young age by marketing and advertisement, TV, the movies, everywhere and everything. Big pharma and big chemical companies are in our everyday lives. It's incorporated into our health industry like a big merry go round vicious cycle.

    Without mentioning specific companies - from when they first emerged on the hunting market I doused myself & clothing in scentkiller and/or cover scents for decades.

    Many of these products contain harmful chemicals - that even though they state do not put on your skin, do you really believe that when you spray them the chemicals are not inhaled or entering your eyes or touching your bodies largest organ - your skin!!

    Extensive Research revealed that many on the market chemicals affect our auto immune system.

    8 years ago my thyroid shut down and doctors wanted to remove my thyroid. I was initially placed on high doses of synthroid/levothyroxine.

    Coincidentally, I ran into a childhood friend who I had not seen in over 35 years who had recently (then) retired as an RN in the immunology field. She had also 9 years prior got into therapeutic grade essential oils and essential oil infused products. She asked me to cancel my surgery. I thought she was nuts!! But because of her experience and knowledge I did. She placed me on a regimen of essential oils and essential oil supplements daily. She also had me remove all my soaps, cleaners and any products that I was accustomed to use daily, weekly monthly or what we all considered "normal" for our homes. I did so for 3 months, returned to my endocrinologist doctor for renewed blood work and the results were mind blowing!

    I recall vividly how he read my bloodwork, scratched his head, turned to me and said "what did you do differently over the last few months." My bloodwork was "nearly normal."

    When I told him, he had no clue what I was talking about!!

    I am the type of person who has to know the science and history of things, especially things I do, use or take. More so, now than ever. I then delved deeply into the science and history of essential oils. They have been around for thousands of years, before the great empires and pyramids. In fact the great pyramids, known to contain Gold and jewels, actually were sealed with more essential oils than valuables. When the tomb robbers broke into the tomb pyramids they stole the essential oils because they were more valuable than anything for health, beauty and everyday needs at that times.

    A few did you know facts;
    Every single RX drug (except opiates) are a scientific laboratory genetic reproductions of a plants, trees, bark, flowers, buds, roots, seeds or bushes! Every single one!!

    The long list of side effects that accompany EVERY RX drug is not due to the drug itself - but caused from the "genetic mutation" that occurs in the lab when reproducing the plants they are simulating. The cellular mutation is then ingested by us, and it is that mutation that merges with our cells, causing the side effects.

    Chemicals (including drugs) have only been in existence for 125- 130 years. Essential oils date back over 7000 years.

    Not all essential oils are the same!!! BEWARE: Statistics show that 98% of all essential oils on the market are NOT pure, contain synthetics(chemicals) and/or additives!!

    Over the last 8 years I have transformed my health & wellness to a level just amazing. Myself and family, friends and literally millions upon millions around the world are making the shift. I have incorporated several of my essential oils & essential oil infused nutritional & personal care products into my hunting life too. Scent control, cover scents, attractants, bug and tick repellent, bath and shower soaps neutral or indigenous to the area I hunt - endless and amazing.

    FYI - I am not a salesman!! I was a former US Marine, federal & state investigator, bow-hunter extraordinaire all my life - so this thing I do now is one of the heart. Sharing with others and teaching what God put on our amazing planet for us & our everyday lives and getting back to nature taking care of us is a "feel good" thing for me.

    If any of my ArcheryTalk peeps would like further information, or specifics please reach out to me in PM. with an email or phone to reply.

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    Time spent in stand is like heaven on earth

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    Time spent in stand is like heaven on earth

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    Time spent in stand is like heaven on earth

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