Field archery with an Olympic recurve?


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    Field archery with an Olympic recurve?

    I've been participating in weekend shoots at varying distances and want to do better. A couple weeks ago I did pretty well for it being my first time with unmarked distances (5-55 yards) on 3D targets, one arrow per target. The second time was known distances (10-80 yards) on target faces, 4 arrows per target, and I think I did horribly.

    This bow is sighted in at 20 yards, and I used gaps to bracket myself onto the face by the 3rd or 4th arrow on the long range. It seems it would be better to sight in at a further distance, like 40 yards, for the next time. There's not much time to change my elevation every time we walk to a new target and see what the distance is.

    Any recommendations?
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    Sight in the different distances for the field shoot. There's no reason to gap off of a single sight setting if you're going to use a moveable sight and single sight pin. You are not holding up the group by moving your sight once you get to the target as long as you don't take an unreasonable amount of time. If you're planning on shooting with a bunch of other people who are shooting barebow/traditional, i.e. not using sights, then instead of using a single pin and gapping consider learning to use the tip of the arrow to aim off of and shoot barebow/traditional like the others in your group. Perfectly normal though when shooting with a moveable sight to have sight marks for each distance and adjusting your sight on each target.


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    Get good sight marks and use them. Then learn how to judge cuts.
    Archery is a process that ends with a result. Once you start to focus on the result (where the shot goes, how big the group is, what your score is, what place you are in) then you lose the capacity to focus on the process.

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