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    When archery hunting for elk in NW Wyoming last fall, my partner and I carried both bear spray and handguns. There were a minimum of three hunter-bear issues while we were there so we always stayed together - and had a heightened sense of awareness at all times. We did have one close encounter at 48 yards with a medium size grizzly (huge by black bear standards). When we first saw him he was ambling into a small group of trees near the corner of a small meadow we were just starting to set up in for our final calling sequence of the morning. We set down our bows, took out our bear spray in one hand and the handgun in our other hand and started to talk loudly so he could hear us. It was probably only 6 or 7 seconds (though it seemed much longer), but he ambled away in the same direction he came. It was the best possible outcome for us AND for him. Fortunately, he felt secure in the tree cover and it gave him an opportunity to evaluate the situation and leave. I'll never forget the large hump, well muscled frame and silver sheen as he departed. Our handguns and bear spray looked mighty small in that situation. We counted our blessings that it ended well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadquiet View Post
    Very uneducated post. The ammo is flatter and lets you hit targets better at a much wider range, less recoil, less weight so they can carry more ammo and that also yields more capacity in the weapon without reloading. Plus the military doesn't use a FMJ "commercial" round. You need to check into that more.
    I'm a avid long range shooter and reloader. If the 223 is so great why are they wanting to get rid of it? They are most likely going to go a 6.5mm cartridge for better trajectory and more energy . Also military 5.56 ammo is mass produced non expansion ammo. A 223 is not that flat of a shooting caliber maybe you should look at some ballistic charts.
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    One could just read what I've posted over the years on the subject.... but of course that would take a little time.
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