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    Abbott Longbows

    Anybody use or know anything about his longbows, they look well made

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    Yah- to my eye they are one of the most graceful and attractive designs. They are slender, with flattish limbs and locator grips. Unstrung the show a moderate amount of reflex and deflex but when strung the show the perfect 'D' shape of a classic longbow. Steve Abbott the bowyer uses a variety of fancy woods. His stock bows are mostly around 66 or 68 inches in length and draw weights are mostly in the low 50s. They are smooth and pleasant to shoot and probably produce average arrow speed as many of the fancy woods are fairly heavy in mass.

    He will make a custom bow to your specifications, and with a bamboo core or yew or osage limbs you could expect a bit more arrow speed. He brings stock bows to a number of the big traditional shoots and travels a lot so he can be hard to reach by phone. The quality of his craftsmanship is high and his prices are very reasonable. Fine lovely bows at good prices.

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    Abbott's are beautiful bows and great shooters.I have a 62",54#@28" that I'm selling if you're interested

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    Abbott longbows

    Thanks for the feedback, I just bought one on impulse. Bamboo,60", 38# @ 28 '', very smooooth to shoot, just wondering- had never heard the name before. The finish is very simple but nicely done

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    I bought one about a yr. ago. It's a great looking bow, got the classic English longbow "D" when strung. Alas, it's sat for a while as I've gotten bitten by the wheelie bow bug and have been shooting my '07 PSE Mojo 3D NH compound a lot. Love how the bow performs!!!

    I'm going to get back to shooting my Abbott longbow, as well as my old Hoyt Ram Reflex recurve. Life is too short to get stuck on whether a bow has "training wheels," recurve tips or shoots an arrow at less than 200 fps. To me, they're all fun....and fun's the name of the game.

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