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Thread: Best socks for cold weather

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    Best socks for cold weather

    What socks do you were in cold weather when you plan on sitting on stand for a while. I got a good pair of boots that help but my feet always get sweaty walking to my stand. Was looking for a good pair of moisture wicking socks, was wondering what your guys suggest.

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    For a good outer sock you can not beat Smart Wool

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    I like a liner sock and merino wool outer sock when I'll be in the snow and ice.
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    I agree with Todd a liner sock (poly-propolene) and the a top sock with at least 85% Merino Wool (I think some are calling this Smart Wool).

    I can not use most wools next to my skin due to extreme itching but the Merino dosen't itch and appears warmer by a lot.
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    Wool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything else is second best

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    Cabelas makes a great cold weather sock. I believe it is 88% wool, and it is extremely thick. I wear a liner under it, and thats it. I believe they call it the Cold Weather Sock.
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    I bought a pair of Team RealTree wool socks and those things rock! I purchased two more pairs. Wool socks are awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer2 View Post
    Cabelas makes a great cold weather sock. I believe it is 88% wool, and it is extremely thick. I wear a liner under it, and thats it. I believe they call it the Cold Weather Sock.
    I think my dad got that sock, and i bought their heavy marino wool sock. My feet are the coldest thing on my body. Last year I bought some liner socks (polypropalyne) and used those marino wool heavy socks, and they made a HUGE differance. my feet still got a little cold, but nothing like before.

    My boots are rocky (junky) 800 gram thinsulate, but i think they are a joke. i really need to buy a new set of boots.

    My dad doesnt complain about being cold hardly ever. he said the liner socks and the wool socks he got from cabelas made a pretty nice differance for him too. i think they even keep your feet more comfortable.

    REMEMBER! the key to staying warm is not sweeting. If im walking a long distance, ill put my hunting socks and liner (and other ehavy clothes on) before i climb get in my climber and go at it, then ill work up a little sweat if i go too fast, but i sure dont wanna be messing around with socks and boots and crap 20 feet up in a tree, lol.

    so, get you some polypropalyne liner socks, and some marino wool.

    last year i invest in good cold weaither clothes, polypropalyne pants, shirt. Polertec pants, shirt, and glove liners. i did stay much more comfortable last year when i wore the correct clothes. (i have a bad habit of underestimating the temperature's effect on me).

    okay, long post, but i hope it helped.

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    these guys have nailed it on the head, a good pair of wool socks (stay warm when wet) over top of a liner (wicks moisture away from foot into the wool) will keep you the warmest, because that is what will keep your feet the dryest. also, be sure that your boots aren't too tight and restricting blood flow to your feet. and be VERY sure that you are keeping your core warm, this is what causes the biggest trouble for hunters. if your chest (heart and lungs) are cold then your body will pull blood flow from your extremeties (hands and feet) to raise your core temperature and you will be very uncomfortable. best thing i can suggest is too keep warm without becoming bulky. i could plug any number of various products here, but it isn't the place. keep your core warm and the rest of your body will follow. **another trick is to keep your head warm, it makes your body think it's warm out and will increase blood flow throughout**

    afterthought: don't go out on cold days hung over, you'll get VERY cold!!!
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    good quality wool
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    There is a way to hike for miles and still have dry feet/socks for your sit in the stand. Save yourself a couple of plastic bread bags......when you are heading out, just wear your normal socks with the bags OVER them.....this will keep all the moisture inside the bags, not in your boots. When you get to your stand, change into your warm socks (I use SmartWool), and keep your sweaty socks inside the bags to keep the scent contained. Not only will you have dry boots, but dry socks as well, which equals warmer feet. Try works great.

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    I work at Thorlo. Check out our web, we make some great cold weather socks and socks for anything else also.

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    Smart Wool socks.

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    can't add nothing to this thread, you guys covered it all!

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