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    I screamed laughing so hard I thought I had asthma! Great story!

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    This reminds me of the time my oldest brother went deer hunting with my father they were usin slugs and my brother was in his teens,climbs a tree and wraps his legs around it. well a short while later my father hears a shot go off and heard my brother screaming (get me down) well that shot wheeled him around that tree like a yo-yo lol.
    After he gained his senses back the deer he'd shot at was minus one limb now,so he decides to shoot it again but his shells had fell out of his pocket and was lying on the ground.meanwhile the deer gets up and start to hop away. my brother was like (oh hell no!!) so he jumps from the tree with pocket knife in hand and proceeds to chase this 3 legged deer. My father who had witnessed him chasing the deer was laughing at him cause 3 legged deer still will outrun you! My father ended up shooting it but i thought it would have been hillarious seein him chasin that deer.

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    That was Awesome!!

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    i was laughing so hard it took me 20 minutes to ready omg i have tear streaks down my face
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    I guess my story got out really quick. Man he kicked my ***** Just Kiddin!!!

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    every year

    every year someone asks me if i have caught one yet...... after i LMAO.... i tell them when i CATCH one everybody will no cause i will be on the news with my pet deer i caught.

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    A friend of mine from near Bristow, OK, had a funny story about two brothers. They weren't real bright. They were out deer hunting walking along and see a buck. One shoots the deer and he drops in his tracks. They run up to it and the one has his knife out to gut it. Without checking the deer he grabs a hind leg and pulls it aside, grabs the testicles to cut them off and the deer lets out a bleat and kicks him between the eyes knocking him into his brother. The deer jumps up and runs off and the guy has to explain how come he has a hoof print between his eyes. Guess the buck wasn't quite ready to part with them.

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    i think with all the hunting we do its funny to hear of one that gets revenge. i laughed so hard i woke my wife she thuhgt i was crying about something. i know i peed a little. way funny

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    Hahahaha, funniest story ever. Thanks for the laugh.

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    Bump for the impending deer season

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    Lmao so glad I took the time to read this story!

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    That's some funny stuff lol
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