Aluminum Whisker biscuit for carbon arrows?


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    Aluminum Whisker biscuit for carbon arrows?

    A buddy is telling me it is recommended to use the aluminum for carbon arrows because the carbon whisker bicuit is to tight? Is this true?

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    yes, I think you would need one of the smallest carbon shafts to need the carbon bisquit

    I shot Gold Tip 5575's with an aluminum bisquit.

    You don't want a tight fit around the shaft, the fletching going through the whiskers is what guids the arrow mostly

    even so, i shot a bare shaft throught he bisquit and it hit right with my other arrows at almost 30 yards.
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    The only difference between the aluminum biscuit and carbon is the hole diameter, that said it is easy to adjust the hole diameter.

    The biscuit has a slot on one side that can be opened or closed as needed for a lose fit of the arrow. Just remove the biscuit from the mounting ring, make your adjustment and replace, takes about two minutes.

    Been using the Whisker Biscuit since it came out, now using their QS version. In MOH it is the best hunting rest available.

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    I was reading the diretcions on my new biscuit and it says that the feathers shouldn't go through the opening on the QS. Do you guys who shoot the QS do you shoot with cock feather up?

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    I shoot the aluminum bisket with my Gold tip 5575 arrows. When I contacted the company they recommended a loose fit and said that this set up was fine. I have had no problem and like the ability to switch and shoot some 2315's when I want.

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    BuckKilla, I shoot the QS and yes I nock with the cock feather up. (Actually I've been using vanes, but I think I'm gonna switch to feathers). Seems to me that the vane/feather might hit the biscuit if it's down. At the advice of the guy who sold me the bow, I've been using the carbon WB, with carbons of course (Gold Tip XT5575's), and it seems to work just fine.

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    I shoot the QS with the cock vane out (90 deg. to the string) probable a carry over from the old days of shooting off a shelf.

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    I have an original WB but it has been upgraded to the new QS biscuit. With the original biscuits I tried both the carbon and the aluminum biscuits and eventually settled on using the aluminum biscuit with 27" CX-300 shafts. The least constriction, the better.

    I nock my arrows cock feather up. The bristles are thickest and tightest at the bottom of the rest, so it is better not to have the cock vane pass through at that spot.

    BTW, I have shot both vanes and feathers and last year I made the permanant switch to 4" feathers. After a tiny bit of wear on the edge of the feathers (what amounts to a slight fuzziness), the feathers have lasted for hundreds of shots. With a full left-helical fletch I can't complain. Not with 4"-6" groups at fifty yards....with 100 grain Steelforce Premium broadheads (not to say that I can shoot 4"-6" broadhead groups every time I shoot, but I have done it enough times to know that the WB is one accurate rest). The WB's biggest problem is one of perception. It flies in the face of everything we have been taught about arrow accuracy-that any fletching contact destroys accurate arrow flight. My best guess is that if such contact is 100% consistent, it is the same as 0% contact. All I know is that all my arrows (the old 2213's I used to shoot, Beman ICS 400's and now the CX-300's) have shown extreme accuracy, whether shooting at a bag target, a Block with broadheads or at the local 3-D range. I truly love my WB and it is the only rest I will ever use (unless something better comes along) for hunting. NO MOVING PARTS. What's to fail?

    One thing more. I did trim the side of the biscuit facing the string so that the bristles are flush with the biscuit ring. It does help increase arrow speed by decreasing the friction between the fletching and the bristles. It did not affect arrow flight the slightest degree.
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