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    Red face Please help with this treestand question

    My brothers (and sis's), I wouldn't ask this if I hadn't scoured through the archives first and I have. I am trying to find the most comfortable treestand I can find that is very bowhunter friendly. I noticed alot of votes in the archives for stands that have shooting rests or climbing bars across the front of them. Is this an issue with bowhunting? You would have to stand up to shoot, but is this almost always done anyway? Is there any huge advantage to having an open front stand? It seems that many of the most comfortable and secure stands do not have an open front. Help! BTW: I have two lounge style stands, but am really not sure about standing up to shoot from a lounging position- any help here is greatly appreciated- thanks!!!!! Dave

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    My climber is a stand-up/sit-down style with a bar across the front of it. I like it and use it 99.9% for bowhunting. It hasn't really been a problem. Just be sure you extend your arms/bow outside of the stand and you'll be good.

    I've got an API Grand Slam Mag Supreme. I would highly advocate a bar across the front. Good luck.

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    For climbers you can't beat Summit. They have open front ones, one of them that the bar swings out of the way or you can use it up. The ones with bars are low enough that standing they are not in the way. I like the bullet backpacker in their line.
    For a fixed stand you can't beat the Lone Wolf for being light weight and easy to put up, with their climbing sticks great combo. This is what I use.
    API stands are no longer made here in States, where most others are.
    Have a good day and a better hunt

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    I have a Lone Wolf climber and I use it exclusivly for bow hunting. I have both the hand climber and sit and climb. Like them both and they are light weight easy to pack in and comfortable along with making you feel very secure in the tree. I do not like the design they have for feet placement during you climb so I have devised a strap to place my feet in to go up and down. Then I make that strap work as a hip belt to take the wieght off my shoulders for the walk in and out.


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    With trees I have on my property I use a ladder type stand, but seems that the steel starts to corride over a years of use out in the rain and snow, I am looking at building one with 4x4 cedar for the legs with "Elevators" which are a cutom steel braket made for just this purpose, They also make one to elevate an enclosed blind as well. The company is ShadowHunter.The also make them for use with 2x4s for a laddder stand also.

    Though most prefer the manufacturer stands, just an option.

    Good Look in finding what you are looking for.

    Oneida AF/ LFM Shooter since 1995, Easton XX75 2514, Magnus Stinger 125 two blades, Pollington Pro Grip Release,

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    Summit Viper, or my personal favorite, The API Grand Slam (either type)

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    tree walker stand big and comfortable, movable seat position, and the bar moves around to be used as a foot rest or a back rest, dropping it out of the way for bow hunting or raising it for a rest for rifle.
    A little pricey when done with all the add ons but worth the money if you want a lot of room.
    You can find them at made in the USA, fast shipping and very well made.

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    If you have a location that allows you to leave a stand out all season, check out a Vulture tree stand. With a 2-piece steel construction, it is by far the heaviest tree stand I own..... but by far the most comfortable. It allows you to sit facing the tree and rotate about 270 degrees around the tree. Many hunters may question the quietness of the brass bushing the seat portion rotates on, but I have left my stand in the woods for 3+ years now and it is still whisper quiet. The seat (basically a chair) is plastic and the frame is powder coated steel so it's almost indestructable. Otherwise, I would suggest a Lone Wolf or Summitt as I have had many enjoyable hunts from both makers.

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    Summit viper is the way to go. Been using one for 5 years and will never own anything else, very comfortable and versitile

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    Yep Summit Viper!!! Good Luck

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    I have hunted out of both styles, with and without the bar and I prefer to have the open front, but you can hunt out of both. As far as brand, you can't go wrong with Summit, I have an API and SUmmit and like them both.

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    Can't tell you guys how much I appreciate the help. I wish we had somewhere here in OR where I could go sit in a bunch a test them out. Looks like our company is going to go to the DU festival and Game Fair (MN and WI), so I may get my chance. I really like the looks of the Summit Viper with the blind and bar in front. I want to be super comfortable and secure feeling. What I lack in skill and treestand placement I am hoping I can make up for in tenacity and determination- I want to be able to stay out a long time. Thanks again! Dave

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    get a summit viper and never look back!!

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