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    Overkill Releases

    Last weekend I was at a pro shop and they were talking about a release by Overkill archery and how it was the best hunting release made. They said if you get one, make sure you get the hunting model. Has anyone ever used one, whats your opinion, and where can I get some info on it? I have been trying their web site, but it is not working.
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    there releases are very good. they are probably the best machined release made. but they also cost it. i also cant get there website to work either. try typing in Overkill Archery releases and do a search. i found a few places that have Overkills for sale, at around 200 bucks each.

    i bought a Carter One shot for around 100 bucks 5 or 6 years ago. best wrist strap release i have ever had. clean crisp adjustable trigger and a very good and comfortable wrist strap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corsair View Post
    This web address won't workfor me either. I have found two different releases from Overkill, but both of them say they are target releases. Do they actually make one for hunting?
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    Send a private message to 3dextreme here on Archery Talk. He usually has them listed in the classifieds.
    They are a very good release. I love mine.

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    Which one of the Overkill releases are you guys using for hunting?
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    I have been using this release for over 10 years (for hunting) it is a superior hunting release. I really like the saftey feature it has, it can be shot with the trigger folded in or out or you can take off the thumb plate and use it that way. I know the new style releases have been redesigned. Mine is the older version. The releases are also all stainless steel and have serial numbers.

    The releases were original made by R&D Labs out of Michigan.

    Try this link hopefully if helps...http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showth...rkill+releases

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    Thanks guys...I hope to try one soon
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    They look top notch, but what makes them so nice to shoot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SneakyTree View Post
    They look top notch, but what makes them so nice to shoot?
    I shot one years and years ago for awhile (loaner).

    Its trigger is more like a Jewel or Timney rifle trigger. It breaks like a sliver of glass. Not like archery release triggers that take alot of movement to trip them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SneakyTree View Post
    They look top notch, but what makes them so nice to shoot?
    A pro at the shop I visited said he gaurantees tighter groups with it...I don't know...they are very spendy to try, that is why I was hoping for some feedback on here before I took the plunge.
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    I shoot a overkill release for competition it's amazing fully adjustable for heavy to hair trigger setting. Worth the price.

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    Back in the day, it was a superior trigger release. I know nothing about the updated models, but I don't see how it could be any better than Scott, Truball, Carter.........
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