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Thread: Arrows hard to pull out of target?

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    Arrows hard to pull out of target?

    I shoot in my back yard frequently with no problem arrow retrieval out of the target. I shot at a 3-d course a while back and I could barely pull the arrows out of the professional targets. someone told me there it was because my arrows had a camo finish on them they were pulling out so hard, but my buddy shooting with me had the same problem his were black arrows is there a certain arrow you use for 3-d or do you put something on the arrows to make it easier to pull them out like graphite dust or something. Any insight on this?
    I'm shooting Gold Tip XT camo finish. 5575

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    Ttry buying some arrow lubricant, or and arrow puller device. I'vealso heard dipping arrows in liquidsoap works as well.

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    Take a bar of soap & rub it on the first 8" of arrow, you can pull it out of the toughest targets with 2 fingers! Many guys carry the soap with them & re-soap every few shots!

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    Carry a small bar of hand soap and rub it on your arrows between targets.

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    liquid soap works, but it will dry up and you have to keep applying it.

    Any lubricant that dont dry to fast will work...vaseline works good. (No, not for that)
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    Get one of those round rubber disks (about 4" across) for opening jars. They are usually free with ads printed on them. I've used them several times for 3d targets and had no problem at all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacktail Hunter View Post
    ...vaseline works good.
    What happens to your rest when it builds up?

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    Shoot aluminum arrows instead
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    The bar of soap will do the job

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    I always rub a bar of soap up and down the arrows and it works just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckeyehunter12 View Post
    I always rub a bar of soap up and down the arrows and it works just fine.
    what he said

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    Talking Woody's

    Woody's arrow lube. Buy some you will not be disappointed! Just a little of this stuff on the tip end of your shaft and they pull out like they are in butter, even with McKensey HD targets.
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    armor all

    I was given this tip from an archery shop I use. Get some armorall gell and keep a small sponge in your tackle box or make a tube with a sponge in it and just wipe the last 6-8 inches only or you wont be able to pull too slick. Works great I was having that problem with my arrows as well.

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    I carry a bar of soap in my quiver when I go to a shoot.. Just rub the soap on the last 6-8 inches every time the arrows get a little tough to pull..
    Almost all carbon arrows will have this problem..

    This is probably the cheapest thing to do to help..

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    I have never tried the soap idea but the lube and lube tube just didn't work for me they still pulled really hard. An arrow puller works good, still hard to pull out but you can get a much better grip.
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    Woody's arrow lube, or a similar high viscocity silicon lube, and a good puller.
    You were probobly shooting older Mckenzies. the Rinehart targets, and the newer Mckenzies are much easier. I used to use the soap, but now I will definetly stick with Woody's

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    Get one of these at WalMart for about $4 ------------It's an arrow puller that you can clip to a belt loop or whatever .......

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    Like everyone has said, a bar of soap works great

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    the last 3D shoot i shot, they were passing out little hotel soaps at registration. I was able to just slip it into my watch pocket of my jeans.

    Was supprised how easy it make extraction.
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    thanks for all the good ideas!

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    A buddy and I shot a 3D last weekend and his carbons pulled a lot harder than mine both where "black" plain arrows. We couldn't figure out the difference.

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