Hoyt and Mathews


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    Hoyt and Mathews

    Mathews Mustang. 24 inch draw, 50 lb limbs. bare bow only. shot 50-60 times. Perfect conditon. Purchased brand new in March 2007. AWESOME BOW. Retails at 550. asking 475 obo for a perfect bow.

    Hoyt Havoctec. 27.5-29 in draw. 70lb limbs. Cam and 1/2. fully loaded. Muzzy zero effect rest, in perfect condition. Extreme Archery SNiper 4pin sight, with a 3x magnification lens w/ retaining lenses. Extrem Archery 10in stabilizer, ultralight weight. ALso it will have brand new Bucknasty strings and cables, they will be black and green. it will have a d-loop and peeps installed. 500 obo. Everything is in great condition, the sight has some paint rubbed off on the corners, but everything is mechanically perfect.

    Pictures are avilable for everything upon request...I have not received the strings for the hoyt yet, but as soon as i do i can get you pictures of it with the strings. I am open to offers. Please pm me or call me if you have any questions. 812-249-7527. Thanks everyone..


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    ttt...make me an offer

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    awesome bows

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    bump good buy

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    mathews is now on ebay

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    both bows sold

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