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    Old Indian Bow

    Anyone have an idea where one would find the market value of a vintage Indian Stalker Mod. 231 compound Bow. The Neighbor just brought one over and it looks to be very old. I don't have a clue if there is a collector market for early Compounds. The neighbor wants to buy a bow and needs some cash.
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    I can't believe it.I have that exact model.I bought it new in 1978.
    It cost me $90.00 new. Now I think its worth nothing to anyone but me.
    It might be all right to get someone started.
    Never heard of a collectors market for old compounds.

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    Everybody wants something so theres always a collectors market.

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    ancient bow

    Interesting! I started hunting with a recurve in 1971 and compound bow were not heard of, at least by me, so these are pretty old. The string on this bow is almost in new condition and instead of a serving for the noch it has a platic wrap around the string. Do you remember if your string was like that when new? Thanks for the come-back...
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    I used to shoot an old Indian Stalker, in fact I owned 2 of them. I was lucky enough to sell one for $30 completely set up and the other one I gave away to a new archer. The old Indian Stalker bows are practically worthless!

    That old magnesium riser was prone to crack and break, so there isn't too many people that even want them any more!

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    I rember my brother got one for his first bow. I think they paid 79.00 for it at k-mart first time he took it out and shot it his limbs broke @full draw.

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