Best tip for bird hunting


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    Best tip for bird hunting

    I'm trying to get set up for crow season starting next month and was wondering what the best points were for hunting them, i.e. judo, broadhead, or that snare thing? thanks


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    OR: Believe it or not back in the 50's there was a flu-flu being offered with a funky bird was called the "Shotgun arrow". It had a cylindrical head about 3" long and could be loaded with nails or pellets. The flu-flu would slow down and the pellets/nails would continue on in a shotgun like pattern. I really can't say the it worked well or at all but your question churned up that old memory. However, back in those days when crow hunting was more in vogue I seem to remember reading that the Snaro head, the one with the clover leaf shaped wires, seemed to be the head of choice.

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    I've never tried the Snarrow, mainly due to the weight and I can't see more than one or two fitting in a quiver. My choices would be a cheap broadhead or the Ace Hex Head blunt.

    Good luck!


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    Best tip for bird hunting
    Use a shotgun...or maybe that wasn't the answer you were looking for? (LOL - just kidding)

    Back in the mid-West, when I was a teenager, the few birds I was able to hit went down from the old Saunders blunts. Can't remember if they were hard rubber or plastic but they were a tapered, reverse cone with a kind of rounded end. Not sure if they are still made but there might be something like them still around.

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    Crows are hard to kill, I have nailed them with shotguns and they still need to be finished off with a second shot, I can't imagine killing them with a blunt (at least consistently), the shotgun arrow-that's a laugh, although a novel approach I think they call for a small broadhead, they are very bony

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    A broadhead with a rounded point- kinda like an "ulu point". Smacks and cuts.
    Omega Longbows

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    I like shootin crows....
    I have an asssortment of heads in my quiver,
    some are better than others for different situations.
    Mostly use judos and rubberblunts,, if its thick brush your shooting thru the rubber slides thru easier...
    I also like the snaros and shoot a 2" mostly if I'm not sure of the shot and even have a big 6" one that has a spread of 12" for some fast flying shots..
    depends on the time...
    Its best to catch the crows while the young are just in the brancher stage..
    What a racket!!!
    The parent birds are protective also giving multiple shots....

    Be sure of your target and beyond!!
    Have at em!!!
    Galatians 4:16

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