An Open Letter to the NAA, its Board of Governers, and Executive Director


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    An Open Letter to the NAA, its Board of Governers, and Executive Director

    Dear NAA, NAA Management, and Board of Governers:

    I have a number of concerns regarding the operations and management of the National Archery Association. Let me start by stating that I have been a member for a long time, and I am very fond of the NAA. Nevertheless, I am concerned about a number of recent events. It is unclear whether these events are all related, but I find each to be troublesome. More troublesome still is the level of secrecy and the lack of flow of information. Many have called for more transparency, and I have to agree. The NAA is a not for profit organization in place for the benefit of its dues paying membership. It has a dual role in that it is also the National Governing Body for archery in the United States, and so it therefore also has obligations to the USOC. My concerns:

    1. There is supposedly a new set of by-laws. These are published on the website, but they are described as "proposed." The old by-laws stated that any change to the by-laws requires a two-thirds vote of the membership. The new by-laws were never put to a vote of the membership, but were supposedly instead required by the USOC. Now, which set of by-laws is the NAA operating under?

    2. Why have the Board of Director elections postponed? Some of the director positions expire this year (supposedly in August), and others are lame duck in accordance with an agreement with the USOC. So after August 9, 2007, will there be any properly elected directors? Who will have the authority to oversee the management of the NAA after August 9?

    3. Who is on the Nominating Committee? This committee is charged with selecting the board of director candidates that the membership will ultimately vote upon. Why should the membership of this committee be secret? The selection of director candidates is probably the most important function within the management of the NAA. Why is this process done in secret? Shouldn't the nominating committee be accountable for the slate of candidates that they present to the membership?

    4. Who is responsible for oversight of the finances of the NAA? This is a particularly important question in light of the recent arrest of the former director of finance on alleged embezzlement charges. I understand that former President Lloyd Brown's efforts to examine the books of the NAA were thwarted. Why wouldn't the President of the organization be allowed to look at its books?

    5. Why was Lloyd Brown removed from his position of President of the NAA? Was this related to his efforts to examine the books?

    6. What is the present financial health of the NAA? Can members look at the books? Isn't a not for profit membership based organization responsible to its members?

    7. Why does the NAA operate in such secrecy? We are often told to trust those who represent the membership of the NAA. But in light of recent events, this is becoming more difficult.

    I love archery, and I love the NAA. But I am disturbed by what I am seeing. More disturbing is the fact that there is little or no information forthcoming from the management of the NAA. As such, this is an open invitation to the NAA, its current board of governers, and its management. Please take a few minutes and answer the concerns of your membership.


    Chris Olsen
    Member since 1988

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    I second your motion!
    University of California
    Former Coach

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    Mar 2004
    Mesa, AZ
    Well said!

    But what else would you expect from someone who shoots a Best Zenit (big smiley face goes here)

    (who has a Best Moon and a Best Mercury)

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    Why wouldn't the President of the organization be allowed to look at its books?
    This is a small excerpt from the original post......while I am not a member of the NAA, nor do I know that ANY wrongdoings have occured, I can address this question...

    I looked on the NAA website, and found out that the NAA is indeed a non-profit organization operating under a 501(c)(3) code with the IRS.

    That means that ANY dues paying member may make an appointment to review the most current financial statements available at the legal headquarters of the entity involved. It also means that ANY dues paying member may request in writing that a copy of the same financial statements be sent to them. The 501(c)(3) entity must comply with said written request within 30 days of receipt of the request, and the entity may charge a nominal fee for copies and postage.

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    Chris, you just outlined seven of the reasons that despite being a freakcurver most of my life I have never become a member of the NAA. I have been an NFAA member instead and I (as well as many other NFAA folks) have always felt that the NAA was an elitist club. There was always a cloak of secrecy around the NAA and I was never able to get any real info on it.

    I sincerely hope that the end result of this (as well as a big shake up for positive reasons at the NFAA) will be a united archery association for the USA.........why can't we all shoot under the same roof? Lets hope it all ends well.


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    It might be an idea to begin collecting signatures for that letter to demonstrate how widespread those concerns are among the membership.

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    I've been sitting by watching the commotions, simply left shaking my head. I'm a very interested in the health of the NAA as it was designed and intended, and I have been quite concerned over the actions and quietness of the NAA as of late.

    I have to agree that these, and probably more answers need to be addressed immediately by the NAA. It would probably be prudent to give them some time to formulate a response, which would most likely be a week or so after Nationals at the earliest......a month late for these answers (if not more) unfortunately.

    No one wants to call out anyone, but there comes a point that the kid gloves need to come off, and the hard questions need to be asked and answered, and corrections need matter how painfull.

    Bring this letter to the membership meeting posted earlier. It needs publicly addressed.
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