What size arrows should I shoot?


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    What size arrows should I shoot?

    I want to shoot CE Maxima Hunters.

    28" draw, 63lbs. 100 gr. Slick Tricks

    250's or 350's?
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    I believe you would do best with the 250's. I have a very similar setup and the 250's work very well. Someone with OnTarget2 can run your numbers.
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    I think your right on the edge of both. I shoot my 3D (back-up) bow at 61# with 250's and they fly awesome. I would go with doc on this one and stick with 250's. They work great for my set-up

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    I'm interested to see what one of the programs say. I'm shooting the same setup out of a Tribute and Allegiance. So far I've been playing around and the GT 5575 fly good and the Axis 340's are flying good.

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    I have the same set-up and shoot the 250's. The GT 5575 will fly the same, as I shoot both. Both are 8gr per inch, last I checked.

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    the 350s are the same as the 5575 xt Gold tips at 8.2gpi the 250s are 7.4 or 7.8gpi so if you where going up over 63lbs. I would shoot the 350s or if you are shooting a speed bow. Good luck Badbow

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