Bowtech Defender VFT?


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    Bowtech Defender VFT?

    Any idea what the "VFT" stands for in some older Bowtech models?

    Looking at possibly picking up a "back-up" and was curious? Any comments on the Defender VFT?



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    "Vertical Force Technology"

    This was the beginning of their Parrallel limb idea.

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    I like mine and some of the more knowledgeable bowtech people correct me if Im wrong but I think its basicly the same as the old glory but shorter axle to axle. I took five hogs with mine last deer season and it worked without a hitch.

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    I liked mine , but it was set up wrong from the get go. For two years I shot it without it being 80% letoff and hardly had a valley at all. I never had a chance to shoot it setup correctly I'm sure I would have kept it. Do a search on Defender and learn a lil about gen1 Binarys would be my advice.

    p.s. Where I live there are only Lame archery shops, So I couldn't get any help with my Defender. The shop I bought it from was clueless.(I guess many were at the time) Sweet shooter and @ 32" ata I believe. If mine was setup correctly I would still own it I'm sure.
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    Love my defender. Very nice bow. I don't see many around here. A little bit of vibration, but with a STS it works real well. Wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

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    Great Bow

    I love mine. In fact I've had my best 3-d shoots with that bow also. Its definately my favorite for hunting. You won't go wrong with it, especially as a back up.

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