Backstop material? Foam?


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  1. Backstop material? Foam?

    Got another questions for you all....

    What kind of foam could I use for stopping carbon arrows? Would that pink stuff work (Insulation board)?

    Or any idea where I can get that thin black soft foam from?

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    Someone at our club made a foam target with spray foam. They made a frame appox 4' X 4' out of 2x12 and got if filled with industrial spray foam. It stops anything you shoot at it and it works awesome for broadheads. I tried to make a target one time with sheets of foam insulation, the only way it stopped an arrow was when the arrow stuck through a cedar tree that I leaned the target up against.

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    Yes, the high density pink exstruded polystyrene will stop broadheads and carbons. You will just have to stack it about a foot thick. Makes an excellent, quick back stop, but they don't last long.

    Up here I can get styrofoam float logs that are 9"x12"x 9' long they make great broadhead targets. The logs are used for building floating docks.

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    I was at a range that used a foam like the stuff that the Black Hole and Cube target maker's use. They just stacked it and compressed it like some people do with cardboard. I wonder where you can get that type of foam? Anyone know?

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    Speaking of foam

    Does anyone know where those 4' x 8' x 2' foam blocks come from. I would like to get some for back stops behind the 3-D targets on my course in the woods by my place.
    Not that I need a backstop but some of my friends sure would benifit from one
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