Best bow quiver for ground hunting/stalking?


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    Best bow quiver for ground hunting/stalking?

    I'm predominately a treestand hunter, but I am going on a caribou hunt in about 45 days. I am VERY unhappy with my Alpine soft loc quiver for stalking.
    Every time I lean the bow againt me or touch it up against brush to manuever through brush or around an obstacle, the quiver pops out of the rubber holder at the bow. I used this setup this spring on a spot and stalk hog hunt in Texas and was constantly pushing the quiver back into the mounts. Soooooooooooooooo you western big game hunters, what quiver would you recommend for stalking that is quiet and stays attached to the bow. Another feature for stalking that I think is important is that the arrows STAY in the quiver and don't pop out every time you brush up against something.

    Recommend away!!!!


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    I'm not a western guy,but.......I like the Fuse 2 piece quivers myself. Very solid built and the arrows stay put. It is also very quite.
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    Thanks, I'll check out the fuse 2 piece. Any more suggestions?

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    Catquiver's ROCK!! used one on an elk hunt last year and loved it.

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    Jack Bowyer's Chief. A finer quiver cannot be found.

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    there are only 2 that I would spend my money on and those are
    #1- Alpine two peice (best quiver IMO)
    #2- Kwikee Kwiver Combo
    All I do is spot and stalk and these are the 2 best that I have found.

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