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Thread: California archers check in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delphin25 View Post
    Checkin in from Chula Vista (San Diego)
    We shoot in the backyard 10M range
    We live right by the Olympic Training Center so weve been shooting there. (Beginners)
    Shoot with Road Runner Archery Club, great instructors.
    Daughter has a 2 day J.O.A.D camp here in a couple weeks.
    Awesome place, just had So Cal Showdown there. Here's a pic from the womens team competition:
    great tournament, my daughter shoot the bowman class, very well organized tournament, welcome to AT

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    I.E. SoCal, YouEsAye
    nice pic

    P.I./ W&W4L/ Whatever... Pro Staff

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    Quote Originally Posted by HFMark View Post
    I wanted to follow up on this. My wife and I went down to Los Alamitios today and took their safety class. Honestly, it was a little over the top in some ways, explaining in depth the detailed parts of the bow and the arrow, but when it came right down to brass tacks, the shooting tips we received were great! The equipment was good, the atmosphere was fantastic and the way we were treated was phenomenal. Even the other customers that were in there made us feel welcome and right at home.

    I was impressed not only in how we were received, but the overall impression of the place was great. The store was tidy and well organized. The decor throughout the store was warm and interesting. Just hanging out in the range was cool. There was comfortable seating (how do you top a rocking chair, honestly?) and it was fun watching the archers shoot.

    It was a great experience, though just a little far to travel. We will check out other places closer, now that we have a taste. You can be rest assured, though, we will return to Archery Outpost because it really was that cool. Highly recommended.

    Thanks, gvid200!

    AO is a great shop and place to shoot. Great staff and excellent indoor range.

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    old guy getting back to bow shooting. Working on joining Lodi Bowmen. I am from Valley Springs, ca.
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    California archers check in

    I'll pretend it's so cal and say what's up from Boulder Creek here in Santa Cruz co.

    Edit: I shoot at Delaveaga archery range and Stevens Creek park.
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    I'm new to this wonderful sport/hobby and have really gotten hooked! Always wanted to try it but never got the chance until recently and the moment I fired a compound for the first time it was over.

    Now I have a question: I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with the Yolo Bowmen Club of Davis, CA? We've been shooting on this range and love it so we'd like to join the club but the website is now down as well as their email. Any info would be appreciated!

    Looking forward to reading and learning more here!

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    Checking in! Simi Valley. Conejo Valley ranges here.

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    Central Ca Coast
    Hi all. San Luis Obispo area checking in.

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    Los Osos, CA
    Hello all, checking in from Los Osos here.

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    central coast ca
    i shoot on my property in southern monterey to this site.good info here

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