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Thread: Transporting Meat Through Canada

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    Transporting Meat Through Canada

    Anyone know the regulations pertaining to transporting meat through Canada? I've been invited to hunt in NY and the quickest route for me is through Canada from MI. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Or a link that can provide the info?

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    Not sure about transporting the meat through Canada if your not staying. I know there is some paperwork to be done if the animal was shot in Canada and back to the states.
    I would imagine your gun(s) or bow would have to be registered in Canada when you enter, other than that i wouldn't think it would be to difficult, your not staying or hunting here.
    I would check with Canadian border patrol services.
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    Thanks Bryan. That was my thinking as well due to it being just a pass through of the country. I have a friend checking with the Ontario officials as we speak but figured I'd throw this out here in case anyone has done this before.

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