black bear hunting and moon phase


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    Question black bear hunting and moon phase

    i just returned from an unsuccesful fall bear hunt in ontario. against my better judgement i took a cancellation hunt that was right before, during and after the full moon. the outfitter assured me that the full moon was not a big factor in bears coming to bait. well, it was , i only saw a few immature bears and one slob that never came in during shooting light. this was my third bear hunting trip and first in the fall. curious to hear from anyone else who has more trips under his belt their thouihgts on moon phase? thaNKS, BROWNEE.

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    In all honesty I have never heard anyone mention moon phase and bear hunting together. What do you mean by immature. Most people dont understand the average bear in Michigan/Ontario is 150lbs. and not 400lbs. It sounds like you had been come in and that is a success for me. I am not a bear expert but I do know that this time of year here in the North the bear really are eating all the time and dont seem to care about anything else. The only thing that has messed me up is the wind direction and if you get moving too much in the stand. Sent control is big and the bear's nose usually lets him know your there anyway, but the bears I have shot have been when the wind has been steady in my face which prevents the bear from getting a good smell of me. If you want 100% get with some guys that run bears with dogs.

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