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    Bow Technician/Bow Smith

    Does anyone know of any bow smith/bow technician schools. I am hoping to go to school and get a Degree in Wildlife biology but one day I hope to either run a pro shop or own one or work for a bow comopany and be on a tv show( Ahh Everyones life dream.)

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    I've asked similar questions here without too much luck.
    Some of the manufacturers provide training on their products such as PSE. Other than that not much out there that I've found.
    Seems to be like the middle ages where you had to apprentice yourself to a master in order to get into the business.
    Now days anyone can hang out a shingle and advertise themselves as a "pro shop"...let the buyer beware!!
    Ben Pearson MarXman
    Tru-Ball SweetSpot

    Can you point me toward the target, please?

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    It is dealer only, but Bowtech University is very well put together.

    It goes over not only working on the bows, but also a lot about marketing and running a shop in general.

    Probably doesn't help right now though.

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    PSE has one of the best schools in the business! Call them to get info! Good luck with your future shop!

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