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Thread: The Bow Rattler Front Mount String Suppression Device

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    The Bow Rattler Front Mount String Suppression Device

    It is here Finally and we are excited to say that this is going to be one hot product. The product will be up on the web site next week and we will start takeing orders at that time. You can go to Bowrattler.com for all your contact information and any infomration you may need in regards to this and existing products.

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    Here is The Front Mount Bow Rattler

    This is one hot unit that is completely adjustable to fit differant bow riser widths and has about 2 1/2 inches of total adjustability to fit just about any bow out there. The bow that is pictured is a Mathews Drenalin that can take either a rear or front mounting system. Go to Bowrattler.com for more product information .
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    I saw a video review on this on another site ( Down South Hunting ) and was quite impressed . It made a big difference ! With all the adjustments you can make , it looks better than my STS ........
    Semper Fi

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    The Front Mount Bow Rattler

    We dont need to compare our product to the STS as there is no comparison. We know what we have and how great our products work and they speak for themself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fast*eddie View Post
    I saw a video review on this on another site ( Down South Hunting ) and was quite impressed . It made a big difference ! With all the adjustments you can make , it looks better than my STS ........

    I saw that same review and it looks to be a good quality product. Lots of adjustment. I have seen the rear mount style in person and it does it's job very well.
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    I bought one, but it is too long for my X-Force bow.......


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    X-Force Rattler

    Hi Rev,

    Send it back to us and we will make it fit your X-Force. We have done alot of X-forces and they are working out great on that bow.

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    How much dose it weigh

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    The Front Mount Bow Rattler

    The Total weight of The Front Mount Bow Rattler is just a little over four ounces. It is strong ,light and makes a big differance on those bows that require a front mounting system.

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    The Camo Front Mount Rattler

    The New Camo Front Mount is here with our whole product line now being offered in Next Generation G-2 camo
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    The Camo Bow Rattler

    All of our new line of Camo Product is now available. You can go to Bow Rattler.com for all of our priceing and product information.

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    Glad to see you got rid of the larger harder string stopper. Wish I wouldn't have bought one of the older versions before you made the new version. I liked the adjustablility but not the large stopper.

    Is there a way to convert the older models?

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    This probably isnt the right place but who makes that next generation camo. Thats a sweet product you have there Im gonna have to have one.

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    You can take the hard bumper off then remove the threaded stud by heating it up with a torch.You can then slip on any bumper you choose.

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    Will the front mount fit my bear element?


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    The Front Mount Bow Rattler

    If your bow has a stabalizer hole in the front this will fit that bow. There is so much adjustment with this Front Mount that it will fit just about any bow .

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    The video you have over @ your home page is really great.

    Excellent product!!

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    Bow Rattler Video

    The video gives you at least an idea what this product can do to a bow as far as makeing it quiet. Each bow is differant however with almost 100 % of all bows feeling and hearing some type of result.

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    The Bow Rattler Front Mount (Mathews DXT).

    For you DXT shooters that are looking for a great front mount that fits this bow like a glove ,give us a try you will not be dissopointed. This is a great system that will make this great bow even better.

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    First of all, I am NOT a product basher. Nor am I a tecnical expert with a Science Degree. I AM, however, a hard working, everyday guy, who expects products to do as they advertise. My fellow sioldiers and I have an agreement where we wait for one of us to buy a product, we all wait to test it at our range here on post, and then decide if the rest of us want to buy it. I believe this is what most "average-Joe" do when they have no sponsors to speak of, and pay for everything they use.
    I bought a Rattler, and we used it on my Mathews and on a PSE. It worked TERIBLY!!! The only thing it did, was make a loud-hollow "thunk". We tried it on both bows, at different draw legnths, and with different poundages. I tried everything from having the string touching, to having it as far as 1/8 of an inch, and everything in between, but no success. I finally tried permanently glueing the locking bolts, to try to see if they were responsible for the sound, but no success.
    After a couple long afternoons at the local Archery Range here on our Military Insatllation, my buddies and I came to the conclusion that the empty cavity left behind by the telescoping tube, was responsible for acting as an "echo chamber".
    Like I said, my fellow soldiers and I are NOT Audio Experts. We just call it like we HEAR it, and we decided that this was a case where the product just didn't live up to it's claims. Or perhaps I just recieved a "bad" one.

    In the Manufacterer's defense, I did not contact them, due to the extent of the modifications my buddies and I tried, in our pursuit to make it work. In the end, it was in no way in "fresh out of the package" condition, and because of our dis-satisfaction, I was not looking to replace it.
    I wish the best of luck to any fellow AT'ers who purchase this product, and perhaps the design will improve and this will work better for them.

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    The Bow Rattler String Suppression Device

    This is very interesting to here since the product has been out 99% of the response has been great. As most of us know ,you cannot please all the people all the time. There are always going to be those few out there that no matter what you do or what you have to offer they will never be satisfied. For all of you that do support our product we thank you for comeing back to us time and time again. We will continue produceing quality product and service for this archery industry and look forward to a great 2008

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    I am using it on 2 different bows, and I haven't noticed this hollow sound. Actually the only thing I noticed was less sound overall. I'm using it on a Bowtech and a Hoyt, and I couldn't be happier. Not everything works for everyone though, I guess that's why there are so many choices out there.

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    The Bow Rattler

    All this guy had to do is make a phone call and I could had solved the problem but instead he took it upon himself to strip the product down and in frustration come up with that great conclusion. Sometimes we all can get frustrated no matter what it may involve but in the long run there is no better solution than just communicating.

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    Smile The Bow Rattler

    Put one on my apex last week. Mounted my rear v-bar block using the rattler and it has worked great. V-bar block is still tight and I have shot the bow around 1000 times. Got one coming for my sons prestige. Thanks for the great looking product, Brian.

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    I have shot 3 deer this year with the bow rattler on my Mathew's Drenaline and it has worked perfect. All 3 deer were at 15 to 20 yards and have not even moved until the arrow hit them. Had 3 does come under my tree Monday, and when I shot the first doe, she went down right there.
    I spin shot her, and the commotion she was making is why the other 2 ran off. They did not hear me at all.

    Just from the time joined AT it looks as if the motto should be changed from "archers helping archers" to "archers looking for someone or something to bash". Kirk is a great guy. It is amazing how many times products get bashed on this site by people who never give the maker of the product the chance to fix the problem. The product is first class.
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