99% let off compound


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    Question 99% let off compound

    Tink, been waiting to see if you've shot that 99% let off bow yet.
    I lost the link to the website.
    Anyone else hear of it? So, what you are holding a couple of pounds then right?

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    I'd love to see it too!

    Anyone's got the website?

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    I believe this is concept archery. Try www.conceptarchery.com
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    No lefties?
    anyone shoot one yet?

    curious bow to be sure.

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    Wow. I don't know that I could hold 99% let off steady. At 70#, you'd be holding 0.7#? I wonder what they're doing to get that much out of it. Looks like a pretty regular single cam to me.

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    99% that wouldn't be any fun, i'm so use to 65% anything else seems to easy

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    I'm a lefty and I shot one at the ATA show. It is different, shooting it is not the problem, letting down is though. It just sits there and all of a sudden there it goes. You can hold it a long time and it really doesn't shoot too badly. It is interesting but I can,t see myself buying one.

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    Hi Yes I have one it shoots great whenI got it here were the specs

    ConCept 99 bow Single camo

    Bow 59# @26" I tweaked it to 25 1/2 its deeply reflexed
    Barnsdale Limbs
    Winners chocie bowstirng Standard
    Adjusstable draw stop by movign a small screw

    Factory specs were a 314 grain Arrow( not a bare shaft)
    Speed- 258 and 259 FPS

    8 inch Brace Height
    35 33/4" Axle to axle length

    Very smooth

    I shot a Hawg & a jack rabbit at 20 yards very smooth little recoil I have Sims limb savers on it
    What I found is when I draw and aim I can rest the pin dead center on my target and no wiggle around.

    The result should be fewer rushed shots or release off target because you are tired
    Less lost game

    Older guys can use this bow rather than a X-BOW

    I think mine has 96% Let off.

    They were popular at IBO Snowshoe in West VA last Summer.

    The only guys that like them are hunters Nice camo pattern

    They make a 2 wheel stand bow for Purists

    my Lady red Dot is a Dealer I got one from her for Christmas and bought one from a AT memner that won one ia drawing

    Very very well made Bow Hoyt Parker Mathews quality
    Nice grip

    Pretty silent

    She has a 29" x 60 # in stock RH No lefty to be made for a long time


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    Freedom is not free. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible. For those who do, none is required.
    My buddy who used to be an engineer at Oneida (the Old Oneida, before Claude bought 'em out) told me of an 'oops' some years ago.
    Seems that something wasn't quite right in a cam design (methinks the head honcho rushed something to production that wasn't quite ready) and there seemed to be some instances of 100+% letoff. This means the bow would stay at full draw after you let go of the string !! Talk about cocked and locked!!
    He told me that it was quite the amusement at the factory to draw one back to full lock, pull off the string and lay it on a workbench for some poor hapless soul to have to try and "disarm"

    Sounds like a screaming good time to me...


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    Thumbs up the first maker of the 99% let off bow

    Oneida had the Stealth back in 1997 thru 2000 which with upgrades offered by our own Huntinghippie and bowbob can achive 99% let off and shoot very dependebly...

    I just sold my stealth which would hang when drawn and pointed to the ground you could let go of the riser and the bow would hang at full draw by its own weight (3.5lb bow...about 97% let off) very stable and very quite and extreamley fast..my stealth at 62lbs with a 320g arrow would shoot 304fps...29in draw/97% let off...

    I cant wait to try this new concept bow, I want to see if it feels as nice as my stealth..


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