Are deer scared of cattle???


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    Are deer scared of cattle???

    I am hunting my spot for the first time in the early season. I got permission on this spot last year for late season. I saw lots of deer. Now this year I am hunting the early bow season. They still have the cattle in the pasture and I have not seen anything but owls, squirrels, and cows. will deer hang out in the same area as cattle? I have heard both ways. What do you guys think?

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    My opionion

    If deer have a place to go without cattle. There gone. I know on my lease the deer tend to avoid the pastures with cattle in them.
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    The property I hunt is all fenced in for the farmers beef cows. Luckily there is only 1 bull! But I have been hunting there for 24 years now and cows have been there before me. I have never had an issue with cows & deer mingling. Actually if a cow spooks, the deer will be alarmed, if they are calm, so are the deer because the farmer has the cows calves out in the pasture as well. I am always feeding them whether it be apples or hay just so they know me and are not spooked. So when I am hunting, I have them near me quite often thru out the season, and I hunt on the ground about 98% of the time so I like having them near. I wish I could partner up with the turkeys even more. They & morning doves are the most skiddish and deer pay alot of attention to both of those birds for warning signs. If you hunt on the ground, turkey decoys & dove decoys for when your in a treestand, are great confidence decoys for when deer are around!
    Make nice with the cattle and you will be fine. The cows & the deer share the same area & food.
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    I grew up on a cattle farm. I would say no. We had times when we went out to feed cattle deer would come right up into the feed bunks & eat with them. My dad aways got made because they would get up in the feed bunks, pee in them & cattle then would not eat, waisted alot of silage.

    Earlier this week I was moving cattle from one pasture to another walking thru lane amounst cattle & there was a buck right on edge of fence line about 25 yrds. away. He just stood up & watched as I walked by. I even yelled at him he jusy moved his ears forward & did not move. Saw him lay back down when I got further away. Wind was blowing in opposite direction.

    We have had during deer seasons bucks would come & lay with cattle in pastures to avoid hunters we guessed.

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    I've only seen them with cows at night while coyote hunting. Even then it wasn't the herd of cows, just a few escapees.

    But my main reason for pulling up stakes when the cows were out was because the cows respond to the bleats and it's not long before you can't get a clear shot because there are too many cows surrounding the stand/blind. I also couldn't imagine a deer wading through a herd of cattle to get close enough for a shot.
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    i hunt all around pastures, and from what ive noticed is deer will run thru, and use the pastures but they wont actually hang around the cows themselves. They tend to kind of route them... b ut thats just my two cents

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    The land is basically a timbered area with some pockets of grass in it with some deep pockets of timber. There is a bean field between this area and a river. The deer travel through to get to the river. Just seems like there is nobody home right now. the cattle don't really come back in the area that I am in, they stay up by the barn. Too bad, a nice rolled ribeye steak is much better than deer meat, ha ha. Hopefully The deer will start to visit me. A lot people said the deer would not bed down in the same area as cattle.



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    You wont see deer snuggle up next to cattle. They are leery of cattle and tend to avoid close proximity.

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    I have found cows to be selfish bullies when it comes to what's to eat. They'll move in on deer feeding and crowd them out(the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence... or where the competition happens to be.)However I've found the exact opposite to be true w/ horses and have used them as a blind(with landowner permission) to get closer to the deer.

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    Yep that is what I notice on the property I hunt. The deer wont bed there, but still travel through

    Quote Originally Posted by satchamo View Post
    i hunt all around pastures, and from what ive noticed is deer will run thru, and use the pastures but they wont actually hang around the cows themselves. They tend to kind of route them... b ut thats just my two cents

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