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    Quote Originally Posted by shilo View Post
    I've used gore- tex and Cabela's dry plus. Not very durable. Rips easily, is noisy, even if it doesn't rip the seams will leak in a couple of years, and I really didn't think it breathed all that well. Bought some packable rain wear from Cabela's to just carry in my pack in case I needed rainwear. I forget exactly what it is, just bought it last year and it wasn't cheap. First time I used it out in Colorado it ripped. No briars. Didn't walk into a stick. Don't know what did it. Only had it on for maybe 5hrs and it got a nice 3" long rip in the leg. Bought Rivers West. This stuff is hands down the best raingear I've ever seen. I like it so much it is my hunting clothes now. Waterproof, windproof, quieter than any other rainwear I've used, durable as heck, and warm. 10yr guarantee. Made in USA.
    Well said...I've tried 'em all, and Rivers West is THE best i've used so far. I use mine for all my hunting...goose, deer, turkeys...The only thing is it's a little more bulky than the "packable" stuff, but it's worth the trade off

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    IF you are still hunting, hiking then the Sitka Gear is the way to go. The Cabelas Space rain stuff is good too, but it will tear easily and will not keep you dry in a downpour. If you are stand hunting in cold weather then the Rivers West is the way to go. I have all 3 of these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by myrmidon View Post
    Get the G.I. issue "improved rain jacket and pant , FABULOUS!!! and all for about $25.00 brand new ! I ordered from A-Z military surplus on Ebay , their in Pa.
    Good to deal with !

    Darn, you almost got it right----- the military gortex suit is better but looks the same. I rode my 4 wheeler through a downpour with the military gortex suit--- stayed dry as a babys butt-----opps--that didn't sound quite right did it???

    Ohh, bye the way----- Hi myrmidon--cheers to ya brother

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blowthru View Post
    Rain Gear!!! Look Nothing breathes like Gore-Tex, but where I Hunt is full of briars and stickers, and Gore-Tex although is great will leak after just a few hunts in the thighs and legs. I have had several gore-tex suits and there wanna be look a likes that don't breathe either.
    Then I found Rivers West! It dosen't breathe like Gore-Tex,(really nothing does) I mean Gore-Tex is great if your not gonna rough it around. This Rivers West garments are really freakin' tough. 10 yrwarranty against leakage or failure of any kind. It even covers if you tear it on bob wire! The owner started the company because he got tired of tearing up gore-tex and getting wet! They advertise for you to just hunt and not worry about babyin' your clothes. This stuff is amazingly quite, soft, light, streathable, wind resistant!, and warm. Water will not pinatrate it. I chose the Law system2 Stalker Jacket and Pants because of the vent system. There are waterproof zippers under the arms, chest. and down the legs of the pants. If your gonna spend 250-300 dollars on packable rain gear for hunting the thick big buck country by opting for say gore-tex and you want pure strenght and a no fail garment that really delivers, rivers west has no competition!

    JUst gotta say--- this stuff sounds damn good!

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    Rivers West is certainly some awesome rain gear. I've also found White Water gear is top notch, similar to Rivers West and still very quiet.

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    Well lets see there only was one post where they might actually get some rain that was S.E. Alaska. Look at where I live. If you dont know where that is its Western Washington Home to the only sub tropical rain forest in the world. Where I hunt gets over 120 inches on rain a year. Go with the rivers west. NONE OF THE CABELLAS STUFF WORKS. if you want a test come out and play we will see if your stuff works. As one of my friends says you know your hunting in a rain forest when a half our out of camp you have rain running down the crack of your ***.

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    Rivers West!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDES900X View Post
    Rivers West!!!!
    What he said

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    MT 050. Have the shell jacket and pants. Awesome, but not cheap.

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    While i have never used rivers west i will agree that all gore tex is junk as well as all of Cabelas rain gear.You WILL get wet in a long hard rain. From my experience Sportchief rain gear is as good as i have found so i quit looking.It will keep you dry all day in a hard rain and it is very tough but again not cheap.I would rather be caught in a hard rain wearing heavy wool than anything with gore tex or Cabelas version(dry plus).Any one else wear Sportchief rain gear?

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    Rivers West for sure. I bought the ambush jacket and bibs. Best Clothing I have bought for hunting. Soft as fleece(because it is fleece), quite as a mouse, and very warm. I even wear it steelhead fishing here in michigan in January. The big advantage over goretex is that gortex gets loud when the temps fall and Rivers West stays quite. It feels just like your other hunting gear so you wear it all the time(no more packing in an extra suit).

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    I have had my Rivers West for I guess going on four years and I absolutely love it. It is quiet and comfortable. I wear it when it is cold and windy also, works great in the wind also. You wont be disapointed if you go with Rivers West.

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    typically the more rain proof it is the less breathable it's going to be....if you're going to be moving alot in a rain storm, then make sure you wear something underneath it that's going to wick the sweat away from your body, that will help keep yor skin dry. As soon as the rain stops peel off that jacket and let all that sweat that wicked to the outside of your layers dry. That or throw up a tarp, make a little fire and get drier out that way. Use your head, stop and get the moisture out as soon as you can. If the rain's not going to be stopping i'd suggest slowing down so you don't get soaked from sweat inside too....there is no magic garmet that's going to keep the water out, but breathe fast enough to keep you dry during a 1500 ft climb if you don't vent and dry out now and then.

    If it's warm and early season and there's not a threat of hypothermia, I'd just as soon get wet wearing something that will dry out quick.

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    Where do you get Rivers West stuff?

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    10 year warranty?

    "There's nothing that can touch the Rivers West Rain Gear or even comes close for that matter. 10 year warranty on all their clothing, voted best of the best over and over again by Outdoor life. Gore Tex has moved over to the new Leader in water proof clothing Rivers West."

    I went to the website just to check out the gear and the warrantee and this is what i found...

    The gear looks very good but onThe website shows a 12 month warrantee from time you purchase gear. Where did you find a 10 year warrantee on the gear at Helix?

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    anything with gore-tex will be the best.
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    Browning Hydro Fleece

    I have been using Browning's Hydro Fleece for about 7 years has never failed me in rain and snow...very warm even at temps approaching 0, with layering, it is as quiet as a church mouse......has Gortex....good stuff.

    I will admit though, that I haven't tested it in weather like that in the North West....

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    hunting with my buddy the other day. it rained for about 1 hour sometimes very heavy. when we returned to camp latter and he took off his gortex he was drenched. i wont buy it.

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    I bought some of the MT-050 about 5 years ago, it is the real deal. I highly reccomend it highly. I have heard good things about the rivers west, but I have never owned any.

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    I've had a pair of rivers west pants for about 4 years that I haven't been able to tear a hole in yet. I'm not sure what model they are, but they are pretty heavy and not really packable. They are very warm and water and wind proof, but you will get a little clammy in them. I bought a Lakota jacket and stalker pants about a month ago that I absolutely love. They are lighter weight than my older pants.

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    The MTO50 is quiet,durable, and packable what more could you want.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by bow_hunter44 View Post
    I have been looking at rain gear for quite a while and have never really been convinced by a product to buy it. Fortunately, here is south central Idaho it usually doesn't rain all that much. However, this fall is has rained, rained again, and then rained some more. With a white tail hunt to northern Idaho (where it almost always rains during white tail season) coming up I'm being forced into a decision. Reviews of products I have investigated have had concerns with durability, getting wet in a downpour, zipper issues, etc. Obviouisly I don't want to deal with any of those problems. So the question becomes, what is the BEST rain gear available?
    I have a RIVER'S WEST RAIN SUIT,bib's and jacket and these things are sweet the best rain gear I have ever seen,the archery shop that had a demonstration set up had a water fall with running water going in to this thing they had rigged up that had some material that they make there suits out of with the flowing water going in to it for like 5months and the thing did'nt leak a drop,and there gauranteed unconditionaly the first year and ten year on material after that,I have wore this suit to wisconsin hunting and it is awesome stuff,dry and warm,If you have to walk aways I would suggest putting your coat in a backpack and the material is quiet to,I have had mine 2years and absolutely love the suit,I believe you can go to or just go to and you can read up on it awesome suit,hope this was helpful to you..........Ted

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    i have rivers west works great for still hunting. but if your chasing bulls i guarantee youll be drenched with sweat and thinking the stuff leaks. im looking for a back up for warmer weather. maybe sitka.

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    The sitka downpour may be lighter than the rivers west gear,..but they'll hear you coming from a mile away, it's that loud. I don't doubt that it works, but I need my gear to be quiet to some extent, and the Downpour series is not.

    I went with the Rivers West ATJ/ATP stalker set and it's really quiet for raingear. It's also a lot lighter than all of their(rivers west) other series of raingear. I haven't tested it out yet, but I've yet to read a bad review, so I'm confident this stuff will perform. And if not, has the best warrranty in the business.

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    Rivers West- This was my first dry year in 30 years of bow hunting. I have used just about everything and it either leaked or I sweated to death in it until now with RW.

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