? Good cold weather coat or parker .


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    ? Good cold weather coat or parker .

    What type / brand of coat/ parket are you using for late season cold weather bowhunting. It needs to be quite, warm, low bulk, and cut so that you can shoot.
    Have been looking at the : Cabela's Dry Plus Silent Suede coat or parker
    Whitewater Durastop Dura Fleece 4 in 1 parker
    Thanks for any info,

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    I just bought the realtree whitewater pro series bibs and parka....
    with the sherpa fleece...it looks to be pretty warm.
    I can't stand to be cold on stand.

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    Look into IDI Gear they have some that has 3 layers of their insulation and you will keep toasty warm in it and it's super thin and light. I have the single layer coat and bibs, this keeps me very warm in temps down well below freezing. You do not want to wear it while walking into your stand or you will be sweating.

    Their hunting line is only one layer of insulation and their Artic Armor is 3 layers but also comes in camo. It is wind proof, rain proof, a scent barrier, light, thin, and just in case you fall in the water you will float.



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    Day One Camo's insulated windstop parka. I used to have Cabela's stuff, but, IMO Day One is warmer and far more comfortable and easy to shoot with. To me, the parka is so easy to shoot with, I will simply wear a t-shirt and the parka if it mild temps, like 35-50 degrees.
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