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    Talking Tuning a Genesis Bow

    Any words of wisdom or experience tuning a Mathew's Genesis bow that has zero let-off?

    I have changed the stock arrow rest to a springy, 'cause the kids keep bending the flipper rest. I have also added limb savers..what a difference!

    With the 30 inch-XX75 1820 Genesis shaft I'm one inch above 90 degrees for the nock location to get a good tear through paper. I do not have to comply with the NASP rules.

    I would like to use a lighter and shorter shaft, so the kids can reach the youth field distances (50 yards)...any ideas? I, personally, can use a 1816 Jazz....but with the kids it is too light a spine.

    I thought I read somewhere that the arrow needs to be spined for 35 pounds and that a 2016 spine was recommended.????????

    Thanks for your help!

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    It's all going to depend on how short you intend on cutting the arrows and what weight the kids are going to be shooting at. At 35 pounds the 1816 can go to 25". Make sure that if you cut down the arrows that you have the bow model with a draw stop. Could be pretty scary without it. Beyond that I know nothing about the Genisus except that is a great starter bow.

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    John I have two of the regular Genesis and one pro. I use these for my begining archers in our beginers classes. this is where you stay with the longer arrows. For personal bows pick the arrow that is spined for their draw length.
    I have one mother shooting with her son, using a pro model and sight. She is shooting a five spot and shooting 280 - 290 using my 1914 X-7's @ 28".
    I don't think you can go wrong with a springy and I wouldn't worry too much about the nock point, just remember the bow will shot the same shot every time, as long as it isn't getting too much contact with the rest.

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    Genesis tuning

    Thanks, I agree with the long arrows and beginners.

    I am concerned with those who have their own Genesis.
    So do I spine arrows for their draw length at 20 pounds or higher? (finger shooter at 30 pounds).

    What I am contemplating is to have them buy the Genesis Kit learn to shoot the Genesis, then switch to another arrow later.

    I am alo concerned about them reaching 50 yards without clout shooting.

    Thanks for your help.

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