crossbow law in illinois


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    Question crossbow law in illinois

    i got a drenalin when my friend and i were really into was set at 74 lbs.well we stopped lifting and i hurt myself pulling my bow back .i tore my shoulder muscle and it's going to be a while til i am able to shoot again.i sold my bow and going to get a 60lbs instead .doc told me i will need surgery eventually.I'nm going to talk to him about a crossbow.does any one know the laws.

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    Anyone age 62 and older can use a crossbow. Everyone else has to have a medical condition.

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    I think, I not possitive and will look at the laws, but I think you have to have a permanent disablity to get a xbow permit if you are not over the age of 62.

    With what you have explained you have a tempary injury, you can be healed by the next hunting season. So you might just have to sit the rest of this season out.

    I also know that there are special forms from the state that your doctor has to fill out and sign before you get a xbow permit. So I really don't think you will get a xbow permit before the end of the season.

    I will see what I can find out.
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    The link above should explain everthing I beleive.

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