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    wtb Golden Eagle Hawk

    I'm looking for a right hand Golden Eagle Hawk system TRS-FF cam bow 55-70lb. Interested in working and broken bows as I need a top cam for mine. thanks

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    I might have one for you. I'll get back to you later tonight, and let you know for sure. What kind of price are you looking for? There's one in my closet that belongs to a buddy of mine that doesn't shoot anymore. I'll check with him and see what he wants to do with it.

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    Hey Mike, the groove where the string rides in the top cam broke away, that's all I really need, but I'll take the whole bow for spare parts, as they're getting hard to find. You name the price and we'll go from there. I live in Saskatchewan so I'll have to consider shipping. thanks Jeff

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    i have a golden eagle predator 55-60 draw weight and 27-31 draw length and would sell it to you for 150 TYD.

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    I talked to my buddy. He's open to selling it, but has no idea what to ask, or what it's worth.

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    ae you interestend in a golden eagle predater? send me an offer i will probably except if its reasonable. 50-70# 27-31in DL. comes ready to hunt.

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    Smile Golden Eagle Wheels

    I might be able to help you out. Golden Eagle makes two types of wheels, plastic nylon and a steel wheel for Golden Eagle Hawks. I have a top nylon wheel I would sell for $10.00 plus shipping. I also have a top steel wheel for the same price. Both have cables attached. I also have a pair of steel wheel hard cams I would sell for $15.00 plus shipping.

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