Hog Vital Areas and Aim Points?


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    Hog Vital Areas and Aim Points?

    I am curious as to where a hogs vital areas really are. What is the best aim point for a broadsice, quartering to and away, and even a shot facing you (if you are about 10-15 feet in the air of course)?

    I know they have super tough skulls and shoulders, but I am not sure of the exact size of the shoulder blades and a good aim point. All the hunting shows I have seen shots to the spine with a rifle, no real good footage of the point of impact on the bow shots. I had a few hogs come out on me last week and I really was not sure where to aim, so I let them go. No real big ones, or else I would have looked for ribs and put one in the middle.

    Thanks for your help..


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    Aim lower than on a deer

    Here is what was posted to me before.

    on one the size in your pics it will/should have a good shield. you want a good quartering away shot bihind the shoulder aiming for the opposite front leg to get a exit they clog up fast do to fat and they clot fast also. good luck and post the pics after you get it.

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    low and tucked forward

    quartering away...best option on large hog

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    There are some really good sites, complete with pictures and graphics about this. If you did a Google search on "arrow placement for hogs" or something like that, a bunch can be found.

    The best shot is broadside or quartering away. You want to avoid the shoulder plate area on larger hogs. For those under 200 pounds, the shoulder plate is really not a big deal, but for bigger ones it is.

    Good luck.
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    ok i hunt them more than deer the best i can tell you is to go to www.texasboars.com they will give you dicected pics of acual hogs. also here is a pic.
    also try to use a coc head if pullin light poundage they got thick thick hides and also as said above the larger boars will have a huge grissle shield over theit vitals that is hard to penetrate. quartering away is your best bet aiming for the front oposite front leg.

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    Quartering away from a treestand aim for the top of crease. Broadside two inches above the crease directly in line with the front leg. Behind the crease=nothing but guts=lost hog. Everything is between the shoulder blades. Don't worry too much about the shield. If you have sharp broadheads and decent KE, it is a non factor. We have best luck with stingers/buzzcut's, but muzzy's will do just fine. No doubt qtring away is best. I would not take a qtring to or facing shot at one. They are tough buggers to kill. Hit them right and they won't go far.

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    Thumbs up Aim For the crease

    Aim for the crease a little quatering away and a DROP lower than for
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    Oh yeah , 80#'s is nice to have .....it'll bust through the shoulder bone if it has too!

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    Thanks horsefly for the pic

    I tried to post that some pic from when he posted me one time on the same deal. Anyway i shot one a few weeks ago, quartering away, opposite shoulder. It wasn't a pass through but i took out a lung and his heart. He didn't go 20 yards, and i got my arrow back in one piece. Tough to go through the shoulder.

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    all good responses.... just keep it tight to the shoulder and low and you're in the chips...i don't worry if they're quartering or not...just depends on what your shootin..

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    head shot, head shot, and head shot is my favorite

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    If I go for big hogs anything over 200lbs get my Pearson Striker did not care which way the hog was faceing it did the job on 295lb. and a 225lb field dressed I shot. I shot in tell 06 90lbs. then went light weight 70lbs. but will be 50yrs. old in a couple mo. and that 75% let off is nice not 65% and at 90lbs. still shoot the Striker for back up.
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    Right here.

    Quartering away, in the pocket..
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    Thanks to you all..

    Thanks for helping me with this, the pictures and websites were a great help... I will be trying it out this weekend, and hopefully I will have some good pics to post...


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