Predator Fleece Bibs and Weatherby Wool jacket


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    Thumbs up Predator Fleece Bibs and Weatherby Wool jacket

    Item 1: Day One Fleece Bibs with Wind Stop Liner in Predator Fall Brown (XL)
    Very warm bibs, light weight and dry fast and in new condition!!
    (Paid $ 200 for these new last fall. Worn them maybe 4 times)
    See it here:

    Item 2: Weatherby Wool Jacket in Desert Brown (XXL, but I'd say it is more an XL to XXL). This a very warm jacket with many pockets. It has a wind barrier lining that is the quietest I've had. This jacket has has the extra yoke on the shoulder to give upper back & shoulders extra protection from the elements. Also features a back pouch; very nice. This jacket sold for over
    $ 200 new at Cabela's. I have never worn this! It was washed and is stored in a scent free bag. NEW!

    Item 3: XL Jacket in Superflauge Trebark by Lynch Camo. This jacket is very lightweight and very water repellent. has four front pockets and adjustable side loops. I've worn in hard rainfall and it kept me dry. It is in new condition.

    $ 225 TYD (CON. US) for everything!! (Over $450 for these items new)
    (this will be a heavy package, shipping alone will run me over $ 20.)
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    Bibs and wool

    PM sent
    Bowtech Guardian 61LBS @27", Vapor Trail Threads,MBG Ascent Single Pin, Whisker Biscuit, Doinker, 26" Gold Tip Pro 55/75, Slick Trick ST 100

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    sold to buckrub pending payment

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