Good Begginer Bow For Teen


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    Good Begginer Bow For Teen

    What would be a good bow for a teen??????

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    Take a look at the BowTech Equalizer. It has tons of adjustability and will grow with the teen.

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    Pearson Z-34or32 would make a very good one single cam very smooth well priced $499.99-$529.99 can get cams in 1/2" adjustments and they are changed with out press 2 screws and cost about $10.00 and barnsdale limbs to boot. Or a Pearson Spoiler Angle 23-29" draw 65/75/85% let off $399.99

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    I would look into "The Edge" by Diamond. I just bought one for my son after some extensive research. I think it is the best bow out there for a youth bow. Quality is excellent, and it has tons of adjustability. 22" - 28" draw length, max draw weight is 50 lbs, but I have my son's cranked down to about 30 lbs. right now, he is 12. I figure he could shoot this bow into his late teens before I have to invest in another one. $300.00 includes quiver, arrow rest, sight, peep, and wrist loop. There's nothing cheap about this bow either, all aluminum, lifetime warranty, and the ability to adjust draw length at home. Great bow for the money.

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    Martin Leopard !

    Check it out !

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    Check the classifiads

    Mathews LX is a good solid affordable bow.

    Mathews Mission Bows are very good bows priced affordable.
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    Depends on how much you want to spend and how serious the person wants to be about it. Any bow with a mild draw and good brace height would be good. Also look into one with a nice valley, so the shooter can relax instead of fear of creeping etc. If they are going to shoot consistently than I wouldn't go to cheap. Some very good bows out there around the $400-$500 range and you can get top of the line models that are a couple years old for a good deal as well in the classifieds.


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    An Alpine Micro is on it's second child here. Easy adjustability, but they aren't shooting tournmments. No complaints for the price.

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