Opinions of Fred Bear Team Realtree Xtreme 32 -TRX 32


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    Opinions of Fred Bear Team Realtree Xtreme 32 -TRX 32

    Hi, I'm a beginner & I just wanted to get some opinions on the bow I just ordered.
    Fred Bear Team Realtree Xtreme 32 -TRX 32 off ebay. It's new, w/ the tags still hanging off it. Comes w/ Whisker biskit rest, 3 arrow camo quiver, fiber optic 4 pin sight with level, X-Ring Hydraulic Stabilizer. Paid $270 shipped. It looks like the bow alone retailed for about $400-500 new.
    Is this a decent bow? Worth the price I paid? Anyone know when these were made?
    It was an impulse buy so I really didn't research it and now can't find much info on it. I've never shot one ,but figured I could just turn around & resell if I don't like it.Here's the specs:

    TRX Specifications:

    AMO Draw Length: 28''

    Draw Weight: 60/70 Lb.

    Perimeter Team R/T Cam 75% let off

    Bow Speed : IBO FPS: 303 AMO fps:234

    String:86.75"" TechTwist

    Axle To AXle: 32"

    Cable Length 34.875"

    Brace Height 7.5"

    Mass Weight 3lb. 15 oz.

    Center Shot .813"


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    follow up question: Until I saw this one, I was considering a Martin Jaguar pkg at a local shop for about the same price. Which would you chose?

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    I just sold that exact same bow on ebay about 2 months ago. The bow was a GREAT performer for the price. I loved the short axle to axle, and the draw is pretty smooth. I had to deck it out with limbsavers, string leaches, insulator strip, and the S-coil stabalizer to help reduce shock. But for a beginners bow, it is awesome. In 3 years I took 4 deer with mine. The key is practice. Good luck and welcome to Archery Talk!!
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    From what I've seen the New Bears are good bows for the money. Have fun! Practice, practice and then practice some more. Get properly spined arrows. Get to know the Classifieds here on AT. Best deals on quality equipment to be found.

    Welcome to the addiction.
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    Just bought mine back from the buddy I sold it two two years ago. I love this bow!

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    2004-2005 model.

    I hate to say it, but probably not worth as much as you paid - our store had some old stock (new, not second-hand) a few months ago and were selling bow-only for $99.

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