homemade cooler question


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    homemade cooler question

    please forgive me if i put this in the wrong place.... after finally being disappointed for the last time with my deer processor i am going to start doing it myself i am going to be getting a older 22cubic ft chest freezer this week and i am going to turn that into my cooler i will be quartering out my deer as i get them and aging them in the freezer my question is has any one else done this and if so do i need to put in some cross ventilation into it ? i know the deer need to be kept between 34/37deg and also needs ventilation to also not sure if i will need this vents in there to help bring down(actually up) the temp? any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Here are some ideas.


    I remember a picture on here a while back with an A/C unit and plywood but can't find it. Good luck..

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    insulate a shed and put a small A/C unit in. Take the regulator out of the A/c unit as they will only let the room get so cold. A/C unit will also move the air around so the meat ages better. As long as you stay under about 38 degrees U will stay out of the danger zone. 40-140. My hunting partner used to have a small Sauna that we would use with an A/c unit to cool and move air. And we are both meat cutters

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    dairy farm

    try looking at a dairy farm , they might have a old milk cooler, they work very well

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